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Possible Abscess?

I haven’t posted in quite some time. But I have recently started a new cycle on my 2nd week and I’ve done two injections of test enanthate. 2ml in each glute. One last Monday/Thursday. Its been quite some time since my last cycle so a bit more soreness than normal was expected.

My Monday injection (first injection of cycle) was pretty damn sore. It took about 24 hrs before it became sore but elevated to a point of being nearly unbearable. Since then its dissipated and now is almost non existant. The area is slightly sore to the touch. I do feel a hard lump beneath the injection site. And I suppose I could build a case that the area is slightly red. Over the last day or two its feeling better… and the lump may be slightly smaller than a couple days ago but not much. I just checked my fever and Im right at 98.7 consistently.

I’m thinking maybe I pushed in too fast or hit a smaller muscle because I did go slightly medial than I should have. Just figured Id get some more input before I stab my ass with an 18G cannon and try to drain it.


FYI No Pitting edema.

Not an abscess IMO. No heat, it appears to be getting better, no pitting edema, not spreading, and not indisputably red. I wouldn’t worry, but if you are worried talk to a doctor.