Possible Ab Injury, Please Help!

A recent resurfacing “injury” has hindered my ability to lift explosively in regards to dead lifts in particular.

During the summer, while I was squatting a heavy load, I began to feel a sharp burning /tugging sensation in my lower abs. The muscle is next to the top of the hamstring and above the crotch but below the waistline. I attempted to highlight the spot on the picture I have posted.

As a result I stopped lifting heavy squat for a while, but my running and other exercises remained unaffected. The burning/tugging sensation only really occurred when I squatted heavy. I thought it was gone…until now…

Recently I have been dead lifting and the sensation has returned. I can still lift…but I am worried to go too explosive or increase weight as I fear I might tear a muscle.

I have talked to a few trainers and they think it is a weak muscle tear in the lower abs but are not sure. Should I go to the doctor for a diagnosis or replace dead lifts until i can strengthen my abs or what do you suggest I do? All advice is welcome…thank you.

I’d get it checked out. The area you’ve indicated could be a lower abdominal strain, or it could be a hernia. You won’t know unless you see a doctor about it.

In the mean time, I wouldn’t do any heavy lifting that would put a strain on it.

Sounds like a hernia. Get it checked out. The surgery isn’t too bad, I’ve been through 2 of them.

thanks guys…i really should go 2 the doc…my rents are such assholes and dont care bout my lifting or anything lol i guess ill just see a doc…thanks for the advice