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Possession of Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)


whats the majority of countries rules in regards to possession of nolvadex without prescription for personal use? read in another forum that possession of clomid without prescription is illegal in austrailian airports. I am going to sweden in a week and I will be in the middle of my pct. Should I risk carrying some nolvadex with me or is it not worth the risk?


You could just put your nolva in a tylenol bottle or something like that. Idon't believe they check those and if you need to, put it in your luggage that is not carry on.


Do what drug smugglers do.
Put them in a condom and hide then in your ass, or tie a string to your back tooth, swallow them, then puke it back up when you get to sweden.

Or I guess you could just put them in a tylenol bottle like he said...


I well known guy in the mtl club scene, a guy I knew, just died from doing this. Died from O.D

It broke in his stomach. Dont do this.

Altough he did this with cocain... sucks


Thought that was pretty obvious sarcasm. lol


ahahaha would u think i would get in any problem with just possessing it in its own cover and stuff? I mean how strict is the law in regards to tamoxifen without pres?


Research it yourself through google. Or call Sweden. How long are you traveling for?
And explain your pct and previous aas cycle, as you might nit need it orcould skip it for a few days.
Ever thought about Arimidex?

Just put it in a pill bottle and you should be fine. Just make sure it doesn't have the picture of the pill on the bottle. Use an old vitamin/mineral or prescription bottle.


actually my first 6 days of PCT also consisted of arimidex!! SO I was taking 0.5 mg of arimidex for the first 6 days along with nolvadex! My cycle was short (lasted only 3 weeks) and it was test prop @ 200mg eod and Dbol @ 30mg ED ! because I do short cycles (2-3 weeks on 4-6 weeks off) I ran HCG @ 500IU Every third day the last 2 weeks of the cycle. my plan was doing nolva at40/20/20 and I have almost finished the week which consisted of 40 mg + arimidex!! and there are 2 weeks of 20 mg left which 5 days of it I will be in sweden!




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