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Possble low T?

Ok for like the past 6 months or so i have not been able to go past my personal bests in any lifts i have been changin my workouts constantly varying reps and weights and volumes. I am 18 years old i weigh 230 lbs as of today with about 12% bf i decided to take vitex due to a few reasons: One my sex drive should be absolutely through the roof but it isnt, My ejaculatory volume is very small and i mean VERY small, i have been very depressed for a while now, get extremely sore after workouts and dont recover very well, ANd believe me i eat plenty of food so its not my nutrition. My max bench was stuck at 315 tahst what i use as a bench mark for my improvements -the bench press that is- after three weeks of vitex my max is up to 335 feel great no depression actually kind of confident( something im usually not). I have read on here that people who are worried they wont grow any taller shouldnt take this supp. is this tru? my dad is 6’2 im only 6’ so i feel i may still be growing taller. Any suggestions thoughts or comments on this is greatly appreciated. thanks

Sounds to me like an overall endocrine imbalance as well as overtraining. Low T is probably part of the problem but not necessarily all of the problem (low adrenal, thyroid impairment, chronic fatigue etc). Lifestyle and psychological issues must be examined first. If you’re not happy or motivated or if you’re under some sort of chronic stress your body will often develop imbalances such as these and treating the symptoms won’t necessarily cure the problem.

thanks for the response kelly!

anyone else wanna give me some advice?