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Positive PPD (Tuberculosis) Test


Had my skin test read today and came back positive for tuberculosis. I was wondering if anyone has had to take the medication and if so did it affect your life/training?


Medication won't work dood.

Yer gonna die soon.

Sorry bro.

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Pretty fucked up thing to say there, man.

As far as the topic goes I can't help.


I dont have any first hand experience. All I can pass to you is anecdotal knowledge.
Do not drink alcohol during the 6 months you are on INH. You will feel like utter shit if you do.
Exercise endurance will be affected. There will be good days and bad days.
Best of luck to you and hope you have a speedy recovery and this doesnt sideline for to long.



Greatly appreciate the encouraging words. I read that about the alcohol, hopefully that'll be the worst part. My chest x-rays should be in tomorrow to determine if it's active/inactive. I feel pretty good so hopefully it's the latter. I don't look forward to taking the INH because of the possible side effects, but I just have to press on and get through it.


I was under the impression that you did not have to take the eradication medication and that it's only an option?


It depends on if you are actively positive for TB or previously had it. If you previously had TB, you'll continue to have a positive PPD even if you're not actively infected or transmitting it. A chest x-ray should sort that out. If you were infected with TB long ago (and somehow didn't know it) you'll have scar tissue in your lungs.


^this. Also there is confirmation AFB sputum cultures that would need to be done for positive "ACTIVE" TB. A lot of people have a positive PPD and you should never get one again, start with the chest x-ray.


I had to take INH for 9 months back when I was 13-14 and did not notice any side effects. You may have to take a B vitamin supplement to prevent nerve damage but I never took them and nothing happened. I think I had a borderline 9mm skin reaction.

Had a chest x-ray and everything was fine, no damage or evidence of scarring. You probably have inactive. The ppl that say you don't need another skin test are correct, you'll always be positive. I even heard that it can be dangerous to take another skin test once your positive.


Yes because the skin reaction can get worse every time.



How did you contract it, and what were your symptoms?


No Symptoms. I get a PPD test yearly because I work in a hospital and it's a good possibility that I contracted it there or in a nursing home while I was doing my clinicals.

I was told to never have the PPD test done again, due to the chance of a severe skin reaction.

The chest x ray came back clear, except for some unrelated scarring that I'm gonna have to have checked out. The doctor didn't even say anything about the scar on my lung. I guess if you're not proactive with your health these days they'll just let you die. I called the doctors office to have her call me about the x-ray, hopefully I'll hear from her soon. I'm just ready for this shit to be over with.