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Workout is done in an ABA then BAB fashion with a rest day between each session----

Workout A
Squats 4x6
Lunges 4x8
Calf raises 4x8
Chest DB Press 4x8
Chest flyes 4x8
Close grip barbell press 4x6
DB Skull crushers 4x8

Workout B
Romanian Deadlift 4x6
Leg Curls 4x8
Assisted Pull ups 4x8
One arm DB row 4x8
DB shoulder press 4x8
lateral raise 4x8
Barbell curl 4x8
Hammer curls 4x8

Also thinking about some core work. Would this be better at the end of routine or on rest day?


Are you not very strong at the moment then?


no beginner. posted in beginners forum but got no replies so tried here instead


oh dear...i kinda feel sorry for you. cos if any of the others guys join in you myt get taken down...but i'm feeling gd atm so i'm going to tryand help.

okay lets get started.
firsty....can you get to the gym more than 3 times a week. I say this because at the moment i'm doing an upper/lower (DC) split. i'm training 5-6 times a week, rotating 3 workouts for each and my strength is going up the quickest it has ever done.

Since you are a beginner you can train more often as the weights you are using aren't causing that much damage/fatigue.


I don't understand why people always regiment their workout plan so exact with every exercise they're going to do planned out, just makes things complicated. What are you going to do when your legs are all DOMS from the 1st week of back to back Squats, RDLs, Squats?


can go to gym as often as needed. i have a thick skin so can take abuse if it will improve workout


could you recommend a better way? sorry if this seems a stupid question


Take the important lifts

Overhead Press

Spread them over 4-5 days




Overhead Press

Add rest periods as needed, mix and match the days depending on what you like.





Mix up the main exercise variations so Front squat one week, back squat another. Barbell bench one week, Dumbbell another, Incline another.

When you get to the gym add 1 or 2 accessories per body part depending on what's not in use or what you haven't done in awhile.


this is good but personally I would do Main-assistance-isolation for all muscles group instead of going from a muscle to another. and I would cut some chest volume

like instead of workout A

Squats 5x5
chest DB press 4*8 (maybe you should go heavier, like 5x5 with a Barbell)
Lunges 4x8
Close grip barbell press 3x8
DB Skull crushers 3x8
chest flys 3x10
Calf raises 4x10-12 (if you are sitting go heavier)

or even cut an chest exercise

some might disagree


Okay...you should not be doing ANY isolation exercises for anything apart from arm and calves.

What is your weight and height?

Also what is your strength like? examples of what you can lift for basic movements would be a gd.


I can tell you he won't be getting DOMS after the first week if he follows a routine of that frequency. The only time I (or anyone I know) gets DOMS is when a new exercise is tried, or when doing an exercise less than twice a week/three times every 2 weeks, such as in a typical BB split.

Also if you don't plan out your exercises then how do you ensure constant progression? There's a lot of hate around this site for proper programming, as if somehow it doesn't make a difference. I can understand planning to do 5*5 on back squats and then picking accessory work based on how you feel, I don't understand how someone can go to the gym and think "I may do squats today"

EDIT: Just want to be clear that I don't think the routine posted is "good". I think someone mentioned an upper/lower split, which is probably the way to go, with a focus on a few key exercises.