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Positive Keto Study for Women

Interesting study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition looking at the keto diet in strength trained females. Basically, the groups were matched for energy and protein based on their fat free mass (FFM). After 8 weeks, the keto diet (KD) group had lost as much as 4 times more body fat compared to the non-KD group; although there was no increase in FFM in either group.

Arguably more proof that low carb diets are superior for fat loss across the sexes.

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Low carbs or keto? What is considered “low carbs”

Good questions. I believe for KD purposes, the general consensus is anything below 50 net grams per day, while in practice it is probably closer to 20-30g for most folks. This should be sufficient to generate blood ketone levels of 0.5 mmol upwards over time. Otherwise, ‘low carb’ from a standard Western diet persepective could be much higher, e.g. 100-125g. Although, in highly active individuals, even that can be low enough for them to enter nutritional ketosis, as has been demonstrated in marathon runners, etc.

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