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Positive feedback on making T-400 painless

AAS solutions that are “painful” to inject as a result of benzyl alcohol content can sometimes be diluted with a lower concentration AAS solution and this seems to relieve the pain associated with the BA content.

Apparently this doesn’t work so well with the T-400. I have heard reports from a corrispondant that the procedure I posted on extraction of BA works quite well with the T-400.

This person followed my extraction procedure and used Norandren 50 to dilute the T-400 and reported no pain from injections where as previously, simply diluting the t-400 with the nor-50 without extracting the BA failed.

I imagine this procedure will work quite well with most long chain esters. I’m still waiting on feedback on this procedure when used on shorter esters. The main concern witht the shorter esters is the precipitation of the solid if the added oil is not enough to dissolve it once the BA has been removed. Bill has pointed out to me that crystalization may not happen, and instead, the steroid may ‘oil’ out of solution. Regardless, it certainly will not dissolve in the water and is likely to float on top… So the procedure may very well work for shorter esters as well.