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Positive FABER/Patrick's Test


Every time I do this test with my right leg, it hurts my right hip flexor area. I've also been getting pain in deep squats (close stance) in the same area. The pain is not there when I flex my hip, but it occurs when their is simultaneous hip flexion AND abduction, as in the FABER test.

It feels like it is in the pectineus area, and it may be the pectineus itself that causes the pain. I say this because when I abduct my hip, the adduct muscles are supposed to stretch, right? So I'm thinking when I abduct, the pectineus gets stretched and hurts. I'm guessing it hurts because of scar tissue build-up.

I could be totally wrong, though. Any suggestions?


Correction: maybe it is the rectus femoris and not the pectineus. I just did this stretch from youtube, and it hurt whenever my hip when into extreme extension.