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Positive Advice On My Diet

   Hey everyone sorry if this is a repost but I've check out several forms and couldn't find the one I was looking for on this particular subject.Im cutting weight rightnow.I had a 2 choices.Cut or bulk more.

But at 5’4 an 170lbs I wanted to Cut I now weigh 155.My body’s pretty tite an slim but Im cutting mostly to eliminate Belly fat.I’ve done good so far but some people say my diet isn’t good. So heres my workout an diet.

Breakfast 10:00 2 pack oatmeal,3 eggs water or suger free juice
midday snack Banna
Lunch Salad
Dinner 5:00 Meat,potatoes,corn or a chicken fillet

Warm up on Bowflex Arms an jumping rope
Barbells 25lbs each arm 12-15 reps
Punching bag 10-20 mins
20 mins treadmill on speed 3.3

any positive advice I could get would be great thanks

I’m more worried about your workout than your diet…Although both you could use work. Eating 4 times a day isn’t allowing you to get the calories you need. It looks like you could be eating more and lifting a lot more.

You’re driving 50 in a corvette. Put some gas into your diet and workout then come back in a few weeks and tell us what happened. (Don’t really put gas in your diet it was a metaphor)

You are eating terribly light, and I think calling it 4 meals is an exaggeration. A single banana is not a meal. I hope that the mid-day salad is one of those jumbo salads with lots of toppings.

Also, you need to get some hearty oats and make your porridge from scratch. Oatmeal packets are not going to cut it nutrition-wise.

When and if you lean out you are going to look like a skinny-fat guy if you are not careful.

Your meals need more protein, more fat, and there need to be more meals if possible. Read some articles here on pre and post workout nutrition. Look at some diets and choose one that suits your tastes, your body chemistry, and your goals.

Make sure that diet is either a flexible long-term diet that can be used for bulking, cutting and maintaining (Anabolic Diet, T-Dawg Diet, Dr. Berardi’s nutritional guidelines, etc) or plan in advance what you are going to transition to once you are maintaining and/or bulking next.

alright guys thanks.Needed that advice.My main problem is finding a diet with food I actually like to eat.an one that is easy to follow.Thanks again

One more thing my salad is a big one.I put chicken,good amount of dressing an noodles.I just can’t find a “simple” Diet plan there all confusing to me to follow.

One more thing my salad is a big one.I put chicken,good amount of dressing an noodles.I just can’t find a “simple” Diet plan there all confusing to me to follow.

So if im5’4 155 an 14% Bodyfat I have no clue where to go for a diet plan on what to eat an when to eat it.Thats how simple I need it written out lol sad I know.But theres soooo many damn suggestions and so many wrong ones.

You’ve posted several of these threads now so I’m starting to wonder why you hanve’t started towards your goal.

What foods DO you like that you think also fit into a good bodybuilding lifestyle? What is hard about the diets you’ve looked at that turned you away from them?

Answer these and we can actually get you going.

Well i have started towards my goal.I’ve lost 20lbs.I reached my goal on weight so far.I went from 170 to 155.I’ve looked up the T-Dawg 2.0 diet an just modified my own.If im eating to little.Im gonna try to stick with what im doing but add more fat an protine.

My goal is so get excess body fat of the abdominal area first then define it so my muscles will come threw on my arms.Right now there lacking definition.So tell me if this looks any better

Oatmeal Add brown sugger
3 eggs scrambles with some ketchup

Meal 2 to 3 hours later
Tuna pita chips or a PB&J
water with all meals except dinner

Pre workout
1 scoop shake snytha-6 or 100% whey
oatmeal or banana

post workout
Shake, banana chicken veggies

Dinner 5:00pm
Steak,hamburg or chicken
potatoes veggie
Bread with 2% milk for drink

I only have a home gym.Litterly.I have a Bowflex to warm the muscles up an then I use dumbbells that only up to 45lbs for now till I buy more.I have a treadmill an a punching bag so im sort of limited.I plan on going to the gym when it’s in my budget.I just wanna make sure im eating right so i can get big but diminish my belly fat thats my main goal be lean but massive over time.

no more criteria?

My suggestion is to go buy Precision Nutrition from John Berardi.

Follow these rules from Berardi