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Just wondering what is everyones fav sexual position?

I LIke it when the girl lies on her stomach and keeps her legs closed. MAkes it unbelievably tight.
:slight_smile: Groove

Heh, with a girl, heh heh heh grr heh

Oh, I am for it. Can’t see taking a position against it.

You with your legs in stirrups.

Lazy Boy!

heh, I like to tap that ass doggy style you damn perv.

Dont claim to be a player, I just crush a lot.

The one with yo momma in it!!! Nah, give 'em hell 82nd!!!

Uhh, all?

I’m suprised Nate Dogg hasn’t come on here yet posting an essay on the doggystyle. ha

Huh, huh, huh, uh huh, uh, uh, you said sexual.

Since you seem to looking for a little fun, I’ll repost one of the more descriptive items I’ve contributed to the forum.

“…female superior x 2, my FAV! After I get my handful of O’s in, it’s his turn. Then I lie on top and rest for about 20 min., discussing what the hell LaCroix is doing bothering to negotiate with Hinote and why he bothered resigning Skoula and Tanguay (damn worthless shits afraid to take a puck for the team) with him still in me. Using those blessed pussy muscles (help me out with the correct term, here), I’ll get him hard again and then do a veryslowcircular grindallthewayin* sohebottomsoutandhis headisgrindingmycervix* and then lean way back, grabbing his lower thighs (I like him to have his hands on my hip bones pulling me in harder), keeping the grinding going until we both cum together and I can feel the force of his cum from the bottom of his shaft which is against my asshole all the way up inside me till it hits my cervix and pours out of my tight pussy.”

If you’re looking for some interesting reading, try searching the forum. We’ve had some fun here in the past…

DAYUM! What are you guys thinking? Doggy Style, of course. Sorry, had to just put it in there. I’m not touching this one. I’ve already posted this type of stuff many times before. Besides, different positions for different places are always in order.

The Avs!!! Talk about a turn off. Now, you make that discussion about the Wings and…

Good God girl! (screaming Down boy, down I say!)

Yeah? If we make that discussion about the Dead Wings then we’re talking a grudge fuck, aren’t we? I was actually describing a more mundane, Sunday morning type roll in the hay. But if you’re up for getting hurt a little, sure, bring up your damn Wings! :wink:

I know, I know. The Wings are kicking my Av’s ass, and my boys can’t play their way out of a wet paper bag so far this season. You’re absolutely right. But you didn’t hear that from me.