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Posion Protein, and you Protein BarsTri-O-Plex

So did any one else take a closer look at the label on there protein bar today after reading the interview?
I went to the local GNC so that I could pick out one that was soy-free, and pretty much determined that they all suck. I mean, I knew soy was bad for males, but I figured that a little soy isolate in a protein bar (that tasted good) was not a bad trade off. Am I being paranoid to give up my Tri-O-Plex bar habit?

Alpha, Not only is the protein shit in the tri-o-plex bar,but the label claims are totally off…Trust me i know that is bad news because I am former Tri-o-plex bar junky!

Those Tri-O-Plex bars don’t meet label claims either. See T-mag’s report on this here:

Yes, you’re paranoid.

people on this website still eat protein bars?
i expected better…
I used to get given boxes of the things and just give them away. would you buy a protein shake that had an ingredient list similar to those chemical bombs?
i would rather have a snickers, at least i know where most of that shit comes from!

Paranoid like a fox.