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Anybody know any good books/videos/websites on putting together a good competition posing routine?
I know there's a video called "Perfect Posing" available, but it doesn't seem to be available in the European video format.


Well if you don't do anything else, go rent Pumping Iron. (yOu know Aronld's documentary)It won't teach you how to pose But those old school guys,especially Arnold, are so fluid in there posing-balerina like grace. Most guys to day just try to be big an powerful on stage, when Arnold posed it was like Art Expose at a sculpting museum.


check this out


forget all you have ever seen or read about poseing. go to a dance school, yea thats right, go to a dance school. almost NO routines have any rythem to them and the guys just look like big oafs, tell the instructor what you need to show and what kind of music you want and TRUST them. you may blow them away! peace


I know you can get the Perfect Posing video on the PAL European format from www.gmv.com.au.