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Posing Routine

Watch movie Breakin’ 145 times in 6th grade. Discover iron in high school. And you get this 15 years later:


Boogaloo Shrimp would be proud. Or perhaps sad. I’m not sure.

I don’t know… I think that’s kind of cool, in a way.

Stupid, yes, but at least it’s not boring like 95% of the posing routines that I’ve seen.

Sorry Shugs, but this is quite possible the best posing routine I’ve ever seen. I actually enjoyed watching it. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go over to the ass worship thread.

[quote]Boyle wrote:
Sorry Shugs, but this is quite possible the best posing routine I’ve ever seen. I actually enjoyed watching it. [/quote]

I partially agree. Problem is, it’s still a posing routine, which is just fundamentally weird all by itself.

Even though it’s a posing routine, that is the best one I’ve ever seen. It was actually entertaining. Usually, they are gay or just boring and the choice of music or moves sucks. But he did a good job and had it choreographed perfectly.

I agree… that was very entertaining and original and the guy actually has rhythm. I liked it. Problem is, I doubt the judges saw the humor in it.

About half way through I had to close it.

I was too embarassed for him to continue watching.

I give him an A for effort. At least it was original.

I got $5 that says Ronnie Coleman does the funky chicken at this year’s Olympia, who’s in?

Pretty much everything attatched to a bodybuilding show is, shall we say less than entertaining. This is original and that’s something (among many other things) that’s needed in bodybuilding.

The robot! How can you not love an oiled-up Russian meathead in a thong doing the robot?!

If he had done the Running Man, I would have joined his fan club.

His little short running steps up to mid-stage almost made me die from laughter.

This video made my day. (LoL)

His style reminds me of street mimes who could manipulate their bodies along with breakdance. He can dance but I hate his little shuffles. I’ll bet he’s got more than this routine.

Choreography is fun and a creative process.

Great Routine! That was awesome…

Come on, guys, that was enormously awesome.

ill disagree i think it is terrible and embarassing

I used to cover bodybuilding shows for the mags.

All told, I probably attended a 100 shows.

That means I’ve seen at least 2500 to 3000 posing routines.

(God that’s sad.)

Anyhow, while I hear what you’re saying Chris, at least this one was mildly entertaining (compared to the probably 50 times I’ve seen guys pose to Exodus).

That was awesome! THAT BB is an athlete! Wonder how he did in that contest??


I wonder. Does this point to a new direction?

Is there going to be a “talent” component soon?