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Posing Routine Music?


Just looking for some ideas, I am trying to find a song for a routine and I am having a hard time deciding(finding) exactly what I want. I am looking for music that starts out slow and then has dramatic hardness , kind of like a slow build up where I do slow nice transitional pretty poses if you will then explode into most muscular shots etc. Any idea of songs would be great, there does not have to be words doesn't matter either way.


Scooter - Crank it up


Look up the band called Two Steps from Hell. Pretty much all their songs are like that.

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage: https://youtu.be/LRLdhFVzqt4


I understand that you want something that builds, but, also consider music that you know you already like. It does make a difference in your presence and overall presentation IMO. I remember trying to pick my first posing routine music. Out came the Ipod an I went through every single track in there. Eventually I also realized that I didn't need to take the beginning of a piece, and could take a chunk from the middle, or if I was feeling especially creative, I could edit different things together (well, I could get a 16 year old kid from my gym to edit things together for me).



Thanks for the ideas. Very much appreciated!


The Battle from the Gladiator soundtrack 5:24-6:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unb3FdsT5fQ&feature=youtu.be&t=5m51s


Gustav Holst's "Mars: The Bringer of War" from his "The Planets" suite. AWESOME!

It's obvious Hans Zimmer was extremely influenced by this piece for his Gladiator soundtrack.


THere's actually some very impressive (and heavy!) classical music out there. Heck, go through movie soundtracks! Dig up the old Conan the Barbarian, or even Star Wars for the Impresial March.



Hi man,

I can't post link but here are some music that could be good on a show at least for my taste :

  • Ecstasy of Gold (one of the soundtrack of the good, the bad and the ugly)

  • The clock theme of "for a few dollars more" (just google "For A Few Dollars More - Final Duel Music (With Correct Editing) to find it)

-The Magnificent Seven Theme

  • Hang 'Em High (might be too short)

  • Wagner Götterdämmerung - Siegfried's death and Funeral march (might be too long but I guess you can cut it) keilberth version if you can find it, Karajan works fine too. Anyway I don't think people attach too much importance on interpretation on a BB show ^^

-tristan and iseult prelude (I suggest Leonard Bernstein or Karl Böhm works)

  • Kira Theme (my geek anime side is talking here)

As you see I'm a big fan of classic music and western.

I think those music can be cool on a show but I don't have any experience in it so I might be mistaken.