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Posing Music? 3 Weeks Left

Hey everyone… Just got 3 more weeks to decide my posing song (I know it’s very late to be doing this) But it’s my first competition and I wasn’t think that much about it. I’m 6’2",205lbs, around 6-7% bodyfat, and will probably be around 196lbs when I hit the stage. So any suggestions on posing music? My thoughts would be something “epic”, such as the exodus theme (slightly a frank zane type routine). Not sure though. Open to suggestions. Yeah my first post. lol

Abba “Dancing Queen”

My suggestion would be to pick something that you like, or feel a connection with. No one will know your posing routine, so whatever poses you hit ‘well’ will be what the audience sees. If you’re in a confident mood, you will definitely be smiling and hitting those poses boldly, which is what you really want.

Also, something I really focused on for my 1st contest was to find a piece that had a solid beat that I could know when I wanted to be hitting specific shots. In later shows, I got a bit ballsier and figured that as long as I was smiling I could be totally off my mark, but it really all comes down to ‘selling’ it.

Good Luck!


this should be your staple song…actually, get a dj to make a trace remix and use it for years

mouth the words at the judges too while you stare intently at them

Too bad this wasn’t happened 4-5 years ago… I would’ve just made you one =/