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Posing Mistakes


Just an observation.

Even with the massive amounts of photographs/magazines and web casts of Bodybuilding competitions available people still dont' pose correctly in the pics they post on here or any where else for that matter.

Below are examples of what I have seen done wrong.

Front Double Biceps: The offense elbows pulled to far back stretching the pecs into total flatness.

Rear Double Biceps: Shoulder pulled back jamming the scapula together eliminating back width, elbows angled downward destroying the line.

Front Lat Spread: Hands tucked up along side the rib cage instead of the waist destroying the lines and drawing attention to short lat attachments, Rolling the shoulders up and foward ruining the lines and making their heads appear jammed down between their shoulders.

Most Muscular: The more straining while constipated look tey can get on their face the more muscular they appear?

Side Chest: Rolling the shoulder forward and not pulling the opposing arm across to push the oppossite pec out which destroys the line and becomes more of a side isometric bicep pose.

The I'm just gonna invent a pose and throw it out their pose: This is the pose that just makes you recoil in horror and want to scream do not ever post anything like that ever again!

Just wandering outloud, comment or not I got it off my chest..


Some of your advice there seems to make it appear as if one is to make themselves look smaller.

I spread my lats on my back double bicep, and I flare them in my front double bicep.

The idea is to never look small.

Minor errors are one thing, but the stuff you described seems counter-intuitive to showing off what you've looked for.


With all do respect you are way off base and need to read my post again I was not giving advice on how to do the poses correctly but pointing out all the ways that I have seen them done incorrectly.

My point being with all the refferance material available it does not ever appear anyone makes any effort to perform the poses correctly.


Some people pose along their strengths. Eg. Chris Dickerson, he bent his hands and jammed his wrists into his waist when doing a front lat spread. Would HIS PHYSIQUE have looked better had he posed more correctly?

I don't know. But people generally pose in a way that makes them look best to them. Or other times a person will pose a certain way, just to highlight a certain attribute. Eg. Shawn Ray, he would always bend to the side when doing an ab pose to show off his intercostals and serratus. Others, have to hide flaws, so they work with their strengths. Eg. Lee Priest, he jams his upper back muscles together in a rear double bicep pose. Maybe it's to hide the fact that he has poor lat width. Another, side chest. Some people may not roll their shoulder backward because they have poor chest width.

So, if they were not too roll their shoulder, then it may actually look they have some pecs. You have to play your strengths. I think you are being a little harsh on the way people pose. Not everybody looks good doing a proper pose anyway. Last eg. Ronnie Coleman. His is almost like a side chest crunch pose (if that makes any sense). He doesn't do it the traditional way like Arnold.


Ok let me clarify for the record.

  1. I am not speaking about Pros and their signature way of doing poses.

  2. I am not even speaking in general of competitive bodybuilders period.

  3. I am simply making an observation that the majority of people I see pose despite their being plenty of refferance material available can not hit a basic pose this is often followed up by them saying I really need to learn how to pose or excuse the pose or something to that affect so even they often admit they cannot pose.

Again with all of the available refferance material I think it is quite simple to mimic a pose except maybe for a lat spread which may require a certain amount of muscle control that the person may not have yet.

This is in no way being overly harsh it is simply my observation and a fact.


My bad, man, I must have misread, I was looking at that list and thought that everything there was a freakin' mistake.


I totally agree.


I mean, hell. CT has even recommended in the past that people take a day out every now and then to pose to increase strength and tone.


Absolutely I agree as well. Again my thread was just something I was thinking about it wasn't directed at anybody in particular.

Just an observation.