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Posing In The Gym...?


Here's a little something I wanted to throw out there and get some perspective on...

While I'm training at my gym, I always pose between sets and then again at the end of the work out. For example, if I'm training chest, I'll hit some side chest shots b/n sets; training biceps, do some front/back doubles, etc. Now I'm a competitive bodybuilder and I've been doing this for like 4 years. I feel like the posing helps me tremendously on many levels.

Some of my friends who train with me, or train at the same gym as me think its funny, others like to watch, I get all kinds of reactions. I'm just curious what any of you think if/when you see a guy posing in the gym?

I'm not trying to show off, and I'm really not trying to draw attention to myself. I've been doing it for so long that it's second nature. At the same time, I realize I do draw alot of attention to myself. And I have a show in about 1 1/2 weeks so I'm almost in peak condition, and it's exciting for me to see how my body is coming along when I hit these poses all pumped up...

So any thoughts out there? If you see a guy posing do you just think he's an arrogant prick who's showing off, or do you not think much of it? The funny thing is, I'm actually a very friendly person in the gym...even though I may scare people away by hitting lat spreads all over the place.

I'm especially curious to hear what any females have to say about this. I appreciate anyone's comments...



How "competitive" of a bodybuilder are you?


It's perfectly understandable to be posing in front of the mirror if you compete or even if you just look like you compete. That type of behavior is only annoying when fat or skinny delusional people do it.



Or when you see pretty-boys preening their hair and checking out their faces in multiple angles under the light.

If posing is done so that it disrupts other people's workouts, I'd say it's a problem. If you're keeping to yourself and doing it, it ain't your problem if it's bugging someone. :slight_smile:

Good luck in your comp, man.


I agree if you are obviously a BB and if people know you compete its cool never bothered me.

But when some delusional guy is flexing non existant mucle in the mirror every time he catches a reflection it is annoying.

Its also annoying on busy days when you are trying to workout amongst the knuckle heads by the dumbbell rack and benches and some numbskull is taking up space hitting poses so I think its more a matter of the situation.


It depends on the individual. If people look at you when you are posing and mentally go "Daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnn", then you are allowed to pose.

If they look at you and think "what the fuck is chicken legs over there doing?" then you probably shouldn't do it.


Posing is OK as long as the person is in good shape and as long as (s)he isn't stepping infront of me when I'm using the mirror :wink:

What's annoying is also when skinny guys with NO muscle pulling up their shirt to check their abs.



That's true. I've seen many sticks posing at my gym. I'm waiting for the time that a stick poses and a barbell hits him....


I think it works like that everywhere. No one is going to look funny at the 260lbs guy who is ripped to shreds if he poses other than in terms of being awestruck. My guess is, if someone has friends that think it is funny that he poses, he probably does not look all that muscular.


Amen to that.


I think the majority of people would laugh at you or think you were a dick.

I'm not saying that I think that and probably most of the people on this forum would not think that but your average gym goer probably thinks you're a bit of a wanker.

Good luck in your show...



Everybody's competing now. I wanna be down with the competin' posse too! Where do I sign up? Does it matter if I lift weights or not? I'm going to put a sign up sheet at Walmart so even more people can compete! Let's go!!


Hoo-boy. Just don't be offended when you see me laughing to myself, rolling my eyes and shaking my head as I try to go about my business. Dude, in my opinion . . . have some dignity and do any posing that "must" be done, in private. NOT in the locker room, where others like me will again have to try really, really hard not to laugh out loud at you (especially becuase those posing are usually a shadow of the ones laughing), but at HOME, when you're aaaaaaall alone.

M'kay? Thanks. :wink:


If you have the body then pose as long as its not obstructive.

Its the punks that weigh nothing, flex their traps and raise their shirts to see their two pack that should be shot and killed!


That's a feckin' brilliant idea! Seriously. Get a couple fish-belly white Jell-O moulds up on stage bearing the ol' Crisco flesh, stuffed into a pair of speedos, and line them up with the rest of the Wal-Mart shoppers. The gym rats will stick out favourably. The hardcore will stand on a tier above even that. And in the end maybe... just fucking maybe... people will stop making inane comments like "I don't exercise because I don't want to get too big," or "it's too hard to eat right -- I wouldn't enjoy life without junk food".


I agree.

I understand if you compete that you have to do this, but doing it in a gym full of other people just seems to be the ultimate in narcissim.

Besides that, few people actually compete, so most guys are just posing to pose. Which is ridiculous.


Seems unnecessary to pose out on the gym floor. Go into the locker room after your workout if you can't wait to get home to bask in your glory. I understand you have to practice your posing if you compete and it helps with motivation to have a nice pump going and check it out in the mirror, but the fact that you can't wait until after your workout smacks of vanity.

Unless you are beating off while you flex and check out your super pumped pecs. Because that is much better done at home, the beating off and the posing.


Hm... you ask specifically for the "ladies" perspective on this one, so I have to assume that you're looking to impress women, or insecure that any potential gym hook-up might be thwarted. In that line of thinking, I can assure you that MOST women who saw you doing this would:
a. be impressed (if you're in good shape)
b. be totally repulsed by your egotism.

... simulataneously. Though we can appreciate a piece of artwork hanging on a wall for its beauty, we're not going to take it home and sleep with it at night. Especially if we think that the piece of artwork finds itself more beautiful than it finds us.

Ok, bad analogy, but hopefully you get my point. Self absorbed men make bad lovers and worse dates.

So, to answer your question -- if I saw you doing this in the gym, I would be totally turned off. Sorry! I know it's all about your "pump" -- but you ask for the female persective... which leads me to think that MAYBE its not just about how you view yourself, but how others view you. Which makes it even worse.


I understand where you are coming from. Personally, I have never posed in front of a mirror at the gym while training (maybe its because I wear huge sweats and a sweatshirt for every workout?) even if I had been getting close to a competition. I normally save it until the end of the workout when I am fully pumped, and go into the aerobics room and do it there. No need to distract other people during their workout. Again, just my preference - but I do think it looks a little narcissistic doing it in the middle of a workout.


I think if you're posing in the pink suit in your avatar, then it's okay.