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Posing In BB Competitions


do fans still rate the posing in bb competitions these days?

i looked at some recent vids of pro bbers and while they mostly did the mandatory poses well and tried their hand at the routine they just didnt come over that well in my opinion and the fans in the crowd seemed to favor the most musculars rather than some of the more interesting shots attempted.

By interesting i mean stuff like Zane's vacuum or hands-high archer pose, ed corney's transitions or just about any twisting kneeling pose by makkawy. Sarcev, shawn ray, labrada and bob paris knew how to put a good routines together too, back in the 80's and early 90's but i didnt really keep up after that.

Who are considered the top bb posers these days. Is it even that important in the bb world now as it seemed to be back then?

Havent seen any really effective use of kneeling poses, for instance, despite some honest attempts from a cutler (i think) routine i saw.

Also remember reading that practising posing was considered seriously hard work, and i guess it is and might be even more difficult now that guys carry so much more masss. That might be a factor.

If you've been in a show i guess you can cast some light on the topic having been close to the action.