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Posing & Flexing for Non-Competitors?



Sometimes I flex the muscle I'm working in between sets. It helps me get that 'mind-muscle' connection before starting the next set. Another guy at my gym does full poses and mini posing routines right in the middle of his work out. A couple of days ago, I asked him if he was going to compete in the local show coming up and he said that he doesn't compete.

I just assumed he was if he's practicing his posing. He said that posing is vital to do as much as possible. He said it's to create the separations and striations in the muscles.

Is posing really that vital for non-competitive bodybuilders ?



For some it can help them get a better mind muscle connection (this has worked for my lats) but generally, no it is not necessary. He's full of shit because posing does absolutely nothing to create striations.


But then how do you etch in the details?????????

Cable work???


That must be it.


Duh - obviously!!!


He probably really likes looking at himself.


Even though I'm far away from a competition, and I should be learning how to pose, I just can't bring myself to do it in my gym. I feel like a douchbag who just looks at myself when I do. I think it's just the environment of non-bodybuilders and moms and out of shape people that make me save the posing for home.


LOLZ @ Roberto! Sounds like that guy just likes people looking at him. I don't know, shit I do it every now and then mainly because I have several poses I enjoy hitting because of the way my body looks. I developed the mind and muscle connection through my training.


the funny thing is, he has a lot of fat covering those striations he flexes so hard to achieve!?


If you know what causes the muscle to look striated why do you ask if posing helps?


Ever watch Pumping Iron? You will see all those guys posing between sets. I'm a firm believer in flexing and stretching between sets. Try a little experiment on biceps day. Stretch and flex your right biceps between each set but not your left. After 6-8 weeks, see if you don't notice a difference between the two when you hit a double biceps pose. I'm betting you will.


If that is the case, it would most definitely occur due to the stretching, not the posing.


does it?


i really really hope you're joking because you have 4000+ posts, but just in case, you "etch" in the details by not being fat. ALL muscles have striations and its IMPOSSIBLE to increase the number of striations on the muscle body, the only factors you can influence in terms of aesthetics are muscle size and body fat percentage..


Bill Roberts, you got served.


Thib said in one of his articles that posing helped...heres the article look under number 2.


I'm absolutely shocked that Bill thought this.



How many times does it need to be said before he finally gets it? Even after 4,000 posts!

I'm appalled LOL


Bull shit, we all know you need a chisel known as flexing your dominate bicep!