Posing/Competition Help Thread

Hey there,
A little bit about me, I’m currently 17 weeks out from my first competition and will begin dieting this coming monday. I’m planning on doing two comps one on june 2 and the other july 21 and am just trying to do everything within my power to do well.

Right now I’m sitting at 210 at 5’11.5. I may end up using this thread to post updates along the way. Right now, I’m just trying to get some help with my posing and any additional tips for competing. It is one thing to watch the videos that teach posing and try and replicate it but a whole different ball game to have knowledgable people tell you what you are doing right or wrong. Thanks in advance everyone!

What show r ya doing on June 2nd?

I’m at work, so I can’t see the video posted, but I’ll check it out later and see what help I can be. Obviously watching other people with similar builds and seeing how they hit certain shots will be very beneficial. I can’t tell you how many pics and videos I watched when first learning how to pose. Lotta mirror time as well -lol.


im sure others will chime in, legs!! start with your toes! and work up. legs should be tight all the time. i would come up onto the balls of my feet squeeze my calfs then my hams/quads then abs all the way up. try to keep a relaxed smile on your face. i would pose 20-30min every day then 1 month before show 1hr a day. week before (you should be in shape) i dropped all cv and posed 1-2hrs a day. once you can hold a pose without shaking that will help. pose infront of the mirror then once your happy close your eyes and pose, open them check it in mirror repeat. eventually lose the mirror altogether.
hope this helps

Stu- The competition on the 2nd is the Ne classic. Definitely been spennding a ton of time practicing with the videos and definitely need a lot more practice!

Harris Russ- Thank you for your input, definitely a big help. For the most part I have been getting in 30 min practice after every gym session but I definitely need more. Good point about the facial expression, I really need to clean it up haha I look crazy. I’m going to use that closing your eyes tactic once I get more comfortable, no mirrors on stage hah!

Thanks again both of you.

I feel your pain posing in the end of off season lol. both stu and harris made excellent points. i have a few suggestions… if you’re posing when your body is cold, do 8 mandatories like you’re on stage at least 3-4 times with 90 sec breaks. you’ll notice in the later rounds, your pose will look better as muscles start to loosen up and lengthen so poses like front bis and side chest will look more pronounced. oh try to open up that sternum in the side chest shot. pull that shoulder on judges’side back more.

I’ve never competed, so I have no advice, but I’ll be following. Good luck man.

Myosaurus- Looking insane in that avi. Yeah it’s definitely discouraging but oh well, I want to be as professional as possible on game day. Thanks for the tips will do that today in my posing practice. Basically by pulling the shoulder closest to judges I’ll be more upright and open up the sternum to give a fuller look?
I appreciate the input.

Gmoore17- Glad to have you on board and thank you

I’ll try and post some picture of my weeks mass cooking operation tomorrow and get some training videos up as well, in addition to progress/ posing updates.

Hey, just a little update. Loving having all my meals prepared ahead of time and just cooking one day a week. had shoulders, calves and abs today, pretty good session. I’ll post a few starting pics.

back lat

Trying to pull the shoulder more upright in this

down a little in weight thinking the initial switch to this diet is responsible and I should be right back up shortly.

I can’t see the video either since I am at work but will check it out when I have a chance.

In the recent pictures:

back lat - looks like shoulder blades are pulled back together, you want to spread them out and put 1 leg back with calve spiked

side chest - up to you, but I’d try dipping legs a bit lower and mashing them together (not easy)

front double bi - keep chest higher

Definitely need to work in the grimacing, keep your face relaxed as best as possible

Bend in the legs looks good.

Front and Side relaxed - don’t crunch down on abs (I am not saying to be loose, definitely keep the abs tight, but not at the expense of keeping chest high)

Rear relaxed - spread your lats, don’t crunch shoulder blades

Side Chest - this is minor, but it looks like you are flipping off the camera, watch your fingers

Side Tri - keep shoulder pulled back to spread the chest

I would personally bend the legs more in both side poses

Hey thanks for the help! I noticed just keeping my chest up in all of my poses has really helped. I’ve been lurking your competition thread too haha looking crazy lean, you must be excited.