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Poseidon's Log #2

Hey what’s up everybody? I finally have time to log my training here again! The last log really seemed to help with keeping me more disciplined so i decided that another one won’t hurt.

Last time i wrote here was about my low back injury. I finally managed to get over it! I followed a program i made for a month(February to March) to get my core and back stronger and from March since now i started strength training normally and also went back to MMA Training with not much pain. I will write exactly what i did so anyone with a similar injury can get some ideas and maybe help them with getting over it too!

The first program i did to fix my low back was:(Monday-Wednesday-Friday)
1a.Bench 3x5
1b.Chest Supported Machine Row 3x8
2a.Weighted Pull Ups 3x8
2b.Dips 3x5
3a.Lat pulldowns (close parallel grip)3x8
3b.Ab wheel rollouts 3x15-30
4a.Snatch High pull from hang 3x5
4b.Back hyperextentions 3x15-30

Swimming at Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

My back and core got a lot stronger with this. At the end of the month i was able to do 30 reps with 95lbs at hyperextentions, 15 full reps at rollouts,
8 reps with 220 lbs at rows and pulldowns and 8 reps with bw+90lbs at pull ups. Chest got a bit stronger too as i did 220x5 at bench and bw+65lbs at dips.

After that i started the following program:
Workout A
1a.Half Squat 3x3 , 3x6
1b.Bench 3x3, 3x6
1c.Chest Supported BB Row 3x3, 3x6
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x15-30
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x15-30
2c.Neck Flexion 2x15-30
2d.Neck Extention 2x15-30

Workout B
1a.Rack Pulls 3x3 , 3x6
1b.Handstand Push Ups 6xMAX
1c.Weighted Pull ups 3x3 , 3x6
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x15-30
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x15-30
2c.Neck Flexion 2x15-30
2d.Neck Extention 2x15-30

My current stats are:
18 years old, 6’2, 181 lbs and i think i have low bodyfat, i can see the sixpack haha…
The weights i use at the program now are:
Half Squat: 1x3/350
Bench: 1x3/285
Chest Supported BB Row 1x3/285
Rack Pulls: 1x3/395
Handstand Push ups: 25 reps with bw (will do them with a weighted vest from now on)
Pull ups 1x3/bw+135
Rollouts 25 full reps
Hyperextentions 1x20/115
Neck Flexion 1x30/65
Neck Extention 1x30/65

I surpassed most of the goals i set last year when i started weight training but Squats and Deads are not full ROM. Although i am happy with my lifts considering my injury…

I am doing the strength training program at Monday-Wednesday-Friday and also on those days i train Wrestling for 2 hours.
On Thuesday-Thursday-Saturday i train Muay Thai and BJJ for 2 hours each.
Though BJJ is mostly positioning work,defense and escapes so i can get back standing.
Whenever i try to roll and end up on my guard, the next day my low back and right leg kills me in pain. Any advice for that?

I have again an MMA amateur tournament scheduled for the end of July and if i win i will have a semi pro fight at september. I still believe in no weight limits so i will take part in the heavyweight fights, so my goals are to stay healthy, put on some muscle and increase a bit more my strength.
I seem to have stalled for 3 weeks now both in strength and bodyweight.

I would really appreciate anyone who can help a bit and give some advice about how to get over the plateau!!!

Monday 14 July 2014

1a.Half Squat 3x3/355 , 3x6/285
1b.Bench 1x3/290,2x2/290, 3x6/230
1c.Chest Supported BB Row 3x3/290, 3x6/230
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x30
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x20/115
2c.Neck Flexion 2x15/70
2d.Neck Extention 2x15/70
3a.Front Neck Bridge 2x30, 15’’ hold after the last rep
3b.Back Neck Bridge 2x30,15’’ hold after the last rep

Everything went really well except the bench press. I could not do 3x3 so next time i will keep the same weight and aim to do 3 reps on all sets.
Got a strange neck pain during the 2nd set of neck extentions but did 2 extra sets of 30 reps at neck bridges to get some more blood flowing in there and the pain went away.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

1a.Rack Pulls 3x3/400 , 3x6/320
1b.Handstand Push Ups(20lbs weighted vest) 3x17, 2x14, 1x10
1c.Weighted Pull ups 2x3/bw+140, 1x2/bw+140, 1x6/bw+110 , 2x4/bw+110
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x15 (with 20lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x25/115
2c.Neck Flexion 2x20/70
2d.Neck Extention 2x20/70

Good overall training session.
My grip was really weak today. During pull ups i felt strong in my back but i could not hold myself to do more reps.
Also i had more reps in me at Hyperextentions but i could not hold the weights to my chest for more. Maybe from next week i will switch to Good Mornings and add some grip work to the end of every session.

Thursday 17 July 2014

I decided to add 3 conditioning sessions on Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday mornings.

Todays workout was:

  1. Power Snatch: practice technique for 10’
    2’ rest
    2a. 30 Double Unders
    2b. 15 Power Snatches/75lbs
    AMRAP in 10’
    3’ rest
    3.Shadow Footwork(with 40lbs weighted vest) 2x3’, 1’ rest between rounds
    4.Shadow Boxing(with 40lbs weighted vest) 2x3’, 1’ rest between rounds

-Very hard training session. The conditioning circuit was brutal.
In shadow foorwork and boxing i will work up to 5’ rounds and then increase the weight on the vest.
-My low back didn’t hurt at all during power snatches even though i did them with kinda bad form.
I self taught the power snatch and power clean so i will post a video to get a bit of critique and advice on my form. Anyone is welcome to tell his opinion.

Friday 18 July 2014

1a.Half Squat 3x3/360 , 3x6/290
1b.Bench 3x3/290, 3x6/230
1c.Chest Supported BB Row 1x3/290, 1x2/290 , 1x1/290, 1x6/230,1x5/230, 1x3/230 , 1x24/185
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x20 (with 20lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x30/115
2c.Neck Flexion 2x25/70
2d.Neck Extention 2x25/70

Squats and bench were awesome, i felt very strong today. For some weird reason, my grip was weak again and i could not even do the same weight and reps that i did last time on Barbell Rows. I added a MAX rep set with my bodyweight at the end to make my back do some more work and to strengthen a bit my grip. My hands are fried now, i will probably suck at wrestling practice the afternoon.
My posterior chain was on fire when i was doing hyperextentions. Its the first time a get a pump like this there!

I deleted the video i uploaded yesterday cause i did not get any responses on my form so there is no reason for it to be on the net.
I definitely need to add grip work next week.
I finally put on some more weight, i am 186 pounds now!

Saturday 19 July 2014

  1. Power Clean: practice technique for 10’
    2’ rest
    2a. 30 Double Unders
    2b. 15 Power Cleans/135lbs
    AMRAP in 10’
    3’ rest
    3.Shadow Footwork(with 40lbs weighted vest) 2x4’, 1’ rest between rounds
    4.Shadow Boxing(with 40lbs weighted vest) 2x4’, 1’ rest between rounds

Monday 21 July 2014

1a.Rack Pulls 3x3/405 , 3x6/325
1b.Handstand Push Ups(20lbs weighted vest) 4x18, 1x15 , 1x12
1c.Weighted Pull ups 3x3/bw 140, 2x6/bw 110 , 1x5/bw 110
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x25 (with 20lbs weighted vest)
2b.Good Mornings 2x15/135
2c.Neck Flexion 2x30/70
2d.Neck Extention 2x30/70
2e.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x10’’/45 45lbs plates

How is the back holding up?

[quote]Alpha wrote:
How is the back holding up?[/quote]

Alpha, thanks a lot for asking bro! It was good two days ago but yesterday i could not train because of the pain. The only change i made was to do good mornings instead of hypers on Monday so i think its because of that.
Any ideas about what exercise to do?

Wednesday 23 July 2014

1a.Bench 3x3/300 3x6/240
1b.Chest Supported BB Row 3x3/300 , 3x6/240
2a.Neck Flexion 2x15/80
2b.Neck Extention 2x15/80
2c.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x20’’/45 45lbs plates
3.Bodyweight Back Hyperextentions 2x50

I could not do squats and core work today because of too much low back pain. Also for that reason, i decided to add 10lbs instead of 5 to my other lifts and suprisingly i got them with ease. My grip is getting better, rows where not a problem today.
I won’t hit fight practice the rest of the week to let my back get better.
I did bodyweight hypers at the end to send some blood in my low back and hopefully help it heal faster. I actually feel a little better after doing them.
I decided to compete in light heavyweight instead of heavyweight to not stress my back that much.
I am planning to change completely my training next week so as to stay away from hurting again my low back!

Friday 25/7/2014

1a.Handstand Push Ups(20lbs weighted vest) 1x30!!! , 5x20
1b.Weighted Pull ups 3x3/bw plus 140, 3x6/bw plus 110
2a.Neck Flexion 2x20/80
2b.Neck Extention 2x20/80
2c.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x30’’/two 45lbs plates
3.Banded Back Hyperextentions 2x50

Handstand push ups today were awesome!!! I did not expect to get even 20 on the first set but for some kind of reason i got 30!!! I felt very strong doing them and they seemed to be easy!!!
Low back is feeling better. Hyperextentions make it feel very good. It gets so pumped that i cannot walk for couple of minutes after each set but after that i feel great.
My weight is a up at 191!!! I don’t know why, maybe because i did not do any fight practice this week and i kept eating the same amount of food. I feel great about that and i hope i won’t lose it next week…
The tournament starts next Saturday. We will be only 8 fighters in the light heavyweight division so i will see it as just a heavy sparring day because i want to fight again in August :slight_smile: !

Monday 28 July 2014

1a.Zercher Squat: 5xAMRAP in 1’/205
1b.Bench Press: 5xAMRAP in 1’/205
1c.Jump Rope (Double Unders): 5xAMRAP in 1’
1d.Weighted Rope Climbs: 5xAMRAP in 1’/(20lbs weighted vest)
1e.Power Clean:5xAMRAP in 1’/135
1’ rest between rounds
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x30 (with 20lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x30/90lbs
2c.Neck Flexion 2x25/80
2d.Neck Extention 2x25/80
2e.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x35’’/two 45lbs plates

Finally i feel very little pain in my low back and i could train properly today.
The main part of the workout is a circuit i made to work on strength and power stamina for MMA. After the 3rd round i thought i was gonna die haha! I also got a strange burn between my chest.
Zercher Squats are the most freaking awesome squat variation ever! It was hard as fuck, my abs and the crooks of my elbows felt like they were going to explode. Its the first time i feel my abs working so much! I am definitely going to replace those for regular squats.
Even though i was very tired after this training session, for some strange reason i felt like i could run through a wall. I believe it is because of zercher squats. They seem to wake up the animal inside… They hurt like hell but i just didn’t want to stop! I would suggest everyone to give them a try and they’ll understand what i am talking about! Can’t wait till i do them again!
I was a bit dissapointed with power cleans. I wanted to put on 205 on the bar but i would not even get 10 reps with that weight. Its definitely my goal now to be able to do 205 on them and power snatches for my next fight. If I am able to do that, i believe that condiotioning would be no more of a problem for me at that weight division! But if i want to be able to fight with the heavyweights i need to be able to lift 265 on all those so my goals for next year have been also set :slight_smile: !!!

Wednesday 30 July 2014

1a.Rack Pulls: 5xAMRAP in 1’/205
1b.Handstand Push Ups: 5xAMRAP in 1’/(45lbs weighted vest)
1c.Jump Rope (Double Unders): 5xAMRAP in 1’
1d.Rope Pull ups: 5xAMRAP in 1’/(45lbs weighted vest)
1e.Power Snatch:5xAMRAP in 1’/135
1’ rest between rounds
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x15/(45lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x15/100lbs
2c.Neck Flexion 2x30/80
2d.Neck Extention 2x30/80
2e.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x40’’/two 45lbs plates

Great training session. Finally my low back is again pain free! Today i was feeling strong till the end of the 4th round but the fifth was very hard. I had to rest for 10’ before i was able to move on to assistance work.
I won’t do any strength training on Friday to rest for the Saturday’s and hopefully Sunday’s fights!
Conditioning and strength wise i feel ready for the fights, i don’t think anyone will be as strong as me even though they will be a bit heavier :slight_smile: ! I can’t wait till the weekend to see how much i ve progressed and get my chance to fight in the next level !!!

Friday 8/8/2014

Warm Up
Shadowboxing: 3’
Jump Rope (Double Unders): 2’
Circuit between those two for 3 rounds with no rest between them and between the rounds.

Main Work
1a.Zercher Squats 1x15/220
1b.Bench Press 1x15/220
1c.Pull Ups 1x15/bw plus 25
1d.Sumo Deadlifts 1x15/220
1c.Handstand Push Ups 1x15/(25lbs weighted vest)
1e.Rope Pull ups 1x15/(25lbs weighted vest)
1f.Barbell Rollouts 1x20/(45lbs weighted vest)
1g.Back Hyperextentions 1x40/90lbs
1h.Neck Flexion 1x15/90
1i.Neck Extention 1x15/90
1j.Plate Pinch Gripping 1x45’’/two 45lbs plates
30’’ rest between exercises

Light-low volume session today to start getting back on training. Everything felt nice and easy. Sumo deadlifts are awesome for my low back they don’t hurt at all and i can finally start pulling from the floor again! I am very happy with it!
I won the tournament i took part in last weekend. I will now have a fight with pro rules and without protective gear in September! Can’t wait for it!
I had some annoying minor injuries so my coach adviced me to take off this whole week but i felt rested and ready today so i did a very light training session.

Congrats on the tourney man! That is awesome!

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Congrats on the tourney man! That is awesome![/quote]

Thanks a lot brother!

Monday 11 August 2014

1a.Power Clean 6x3/205
1b.Zercher Squat 3x3/265 , 3x6/215
1c.Bench Press 3x5/265 , 3x8/215
1d.Chest Supported Gi Row 3x5/265 , 3x8/215
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x25/(45lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x25/100lbs
2c.Neck Flexion 2x20/90
2d.Neck Extention 2x20/90
2e.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x50’’/two 45lbs plates

Zercher Squats and Bench felt very easy. Gi rows are brutal on the forearms!
I got some weird spine pain in the low back during the second rep of the first set of power cleans while hyperextending before the catch.
I think i did not brace my core correctly. All the other reps were good though. I hope i won’t wake up in pain tomorrow.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

1a.Power Snatch 6x3/185
1b.Sumo Deadlifts 3x3/325 , 3x6/260
1c.Freestanding Handstand Push Ups 6x6
1d.Rope Pull Ups 3x3/bw plus 115 , 3x6/bw plus 90
2a.Barbell Rollouts 2x30/(45lbs weighted vest)
2b.Back Hyperextentions 2x30/100lbs
2c.Neck Flexion 2x25/90
2d.Neck Extention 2x25/90
2e.Plate Pinch Gripping 2x55’’/two 45lbs plates

I decided to work on Freestanding HSPU from now on. They are much more awesome than wall assisted HSPU! They challenge both the core and the shoulders a ton more!
Weighted Rope Pull Ups were brutal on my grip. Even now that I am typing this, my fingers feel like they gonna tear from my hand!

My bodyweight is up at 196!

For some reason, after the tourney, my matt strength and striking power has increased a lot! Maybe because i took some days off or maybe because i have been working a lot on my grip lately…I don’t know but i am very happy with it!!!

Posting here, even though i do it only 3 times per week, takes too much time so i decided to close my log. Maybe i will start a new one when i will have more time…

Alpha, thanks a lot for your support and good words brother. I will definitely continue following your log!

sorry your closed your log i just stumbled upon it now curious what was the nature of your back injury?