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Portland Summer

I just have to say that today makes me remember why I am still living in dreary old Portland Oregon - summer time is here in full effect, and nowhere on earth is more beautiful.

Sun is shining, temp is in the 70’s, and this will last until September.

Then comes the cottage cheese skies and rain, but these next three months make it all worth it.

I just played basketball with a bunch of staff at my college, it is amazing how many people are outside, smiling, running around, just being happy.


Of course now CMC will be chasing all these happy people while yelling, “fuck you! fuck you! and you!” (see “Happiness” thread).

You should see all the happy people around the PSU campus today. Oh, I’m one of 'em. :-))

Gawd, Portland is certainly beautiful.

You are so pretty.

Why thank you US=GG, I just had my nails done

When you said PSU, I thought you might have made a trip to Penn State, not Portland State. I’m glad you guys have nice weather there. We’ve had rain 28 out of 35 days here in pa. (seriously). No bike riding, or much else outdoors lately. :frowning:

Patricia: It’s cool. You can enjoy the beautiful weather without fear of a verbal attack from me. I’m downright perky today.

After experiencing 100-degree Houston weather this past weekend, I’ve never appreciated Portland summers more.

It’s been foggy and 65 for the past week here, but I’m liking it. It was sunny and mid-upper seventies for the month prior, but that’s too hot for me. I love the summer fog.

it’s supposed to hit 93 here today, but so far so good, feels great outside

weird working from 8:30 am to 10 pm and pretty much seeing the sunlight the entire time (and really wishing i could be out in it)

Must be nice…here in central NY…it was freakin 45 outside a few days ago. It was June 1st, and I could see my breath outside. Absolutely unreal. NY sucks sometimes

It will be real nice once this Rose Festival bullshit is over.

Ko, does that mean you’re not picking up any sailors? ; )

Seriously though, does anyone from Portland actually like the godamn Rose Festival? At least a crapload of downtowners are eating at our restaurant this week, good tips…

Oh god, thats right, the ships come in next week.



Rose Festival brings all them people from waaaaay out in the boonies. They all hop into their iron horses and travel on into the beeeg city. Yeee haw!

And it’s when Ko and I just hide in our humble abode; with plenty of beer on hand of course. Thank god we’ll be out of town during the Parade this weekend.

What is this rose festival you speak of?

I thought you were off the beer Patricia?! Something about your “conditioning suffering”, though I can only imagine my condition suffering if I stopped drinking it…

Yes, sailors galore next week, lots of good fights outside the Greek Cuisina or the Quest or whatever lame bar gets their business…


Well, kinda. I had one last night. But it was a can of PBR, so I don’t really count it as beer :wink:

And I had some Mike’s Hard Lemonade left, too. Had to finish it all off Monday night. Can’t let the poor beer just sit around in them bottles, you know. Nevertheless, I’m still suffering from withdrawals.

Hey, I say we put up some lawn chairs outside of the Greek Cuisina. Be a great way to properly watch those fights. Let’s pack up a cooler and do it!

Patricia: I’m down, let’s grab a bottle of Ouzo, a six pack of full sail, and watch the “fireworks”.

Good luck this weekend by the way, I know you’re making nationals : )


R: Okee dokee, it’s a go! Sailor bar brawls! woo hoo!

Hey, Ko and I were driving down MLK Jr. Blvd yesterday and guess what? People have already begun taping out their spots for the parade!
Like, what the f%#k?!

And thanks, I do hope I qualify this weekend!

hahaha, I know, I saw lawn chairs all over mlk earlier today - what is the big deal, it’s a godamn parade!

probably america’s lamest past time.