Portland - Damn Good Rugby this Weekend

Just in case any of you all are interested in seeing some kick ass rugby matches this weekend:

The Pacific Coast Women’s Rugby Playoffs are being held in Portland this weekend at Reed College. At noon on Saturday is Reed (my home team) vs. Humboldt State, at 2 pm is Chico State vs. Western Washington.

Championship game is on Sunday at noon.

Admission is free, of course, and the games will be held on Reed’s rugby pitch at 28th and SE Steele Street.

Just FYI

I’m normally in the western part of the state, so I’d usually be able to check it out.

Right now I’m holed up out in the desert of Eastern Oregon.

Let us know how your team does.

Damn. And rugby people usually know how to drink beer.

I may not be able to go see. And I’m not that far away from Reed, too. My Saturdays are usually spent holed up in my studio.

I’m with Ike: let us know how your team does!

I’ll let you all know - and yes, Patricia, we know how to drink beer and lots of it will be drunk on saturday following the matches - plus bbq on the pitch, I believe. Not to tempt you or anything. beer. bbq. mmmmm…

The winner of this tournament earns a bearth to the sweet 16 national tournament bracket in Ohio - if our women hadn’t lost their all-american scrum half to injury two weeks ago, I’d say national champions, but we’ll see.