Portal's 5x5/3/1 3-5 Rep TM?

In the forever book there is a program called Portals 5x5/3/1 and it has you work up to a TM x 3-5 reps, now does this mean you keep adding weight until you can’t do more than 5 reps or does it mean you do 100% of TM for 3-5 reps, for example my true OHP is 180 I start the program with a TM of 150 (.85 x 180=150) so I do the OHP for 3-5 reps os 150?

It’s the second of your two options, 100% of your TM for 3-5 reps. Ideally you can hit 5 with your TM, but some days you might feel off and you can shut it down at 3.

Thanks, thats what I thought. Did you run this routine?

I haven’t run that one, I’m sure it’s a solid program though.

I’m going back and forth between this one and the Rhodes version.

I haven’t done Portal’s but one with a similar structure.

I did 3 in week 1, 4 in week 2 then 5.

This worked well for me.

Nice, they look pretty solid. Let us know how it goes!

Makes sense, I’d probably approach it a similar way.

I’m doing something similar with 1000% right now. Adding a set to each bench session per week (day 2 session). So start with 5x5 and end with 7x5 at the end of the cycle.

Yeah in the book, Jim says you can go up to 8 sets of 5 as long as your bar speed doesn’t suffer. I did the same thing with 1000% awesome, except with the press as I was running it on Monday and Friday instead of bench.

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