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Portable Henry Rollins


I have been reading The Portable Henry Rollins over the last couple of days.

Funny how my rants and observations mimic some of his. Me feeling things that he felt, some 20 years later.

He has the ability to write while he's pissed off. One of my favorite passages starts with the phrase "goddamn I wish I had a gun..."

I on the other hand cannot write worth a damn when I'm pissed, I have to cool down, rest, figure shit out, then write. By the time I'm able to commit what I'm feeling through my fingers to the keys the feeling has been stiffled and reduced to a degree.

Mr. Rollins represents what I'm looking for in my writing capability and style, as well as the kind of man I hope to "grow up" to be, even though I'm already 31.

I know a lot of you guys read his stuff, and I want to recommend his works as well.



He is entertaining, certainly.

Of course, just be careful. You want to claim your own writing style, and try to not sound too much like anyone else. This is why I like writing when I'm angry- its all me coming through, with very little literary influences coming through (people compare my writing closely to Hunter S. Thompson).

Very good though. I'll look into this book. He is a pisser.


Do I come here often?, Black coffe blues, and Smile, you're traveling are also worth a read. If you get a chance go see him do spoken word live.

Writing pissed off has its merrits. If you can make it come out understandable I find it's a usefull tool for self analysis, or just good for a laugh. :slight_smile: