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Port wine and Alpha lipoic acid

I tried an experiment today. I took 1500 milligrams of ALA and drank 3 glasses of Dows Bonfim 86 port. I waited 15 minutes after I finished the last port, then I started doing pushups. I have never seen veins come out of my arms like this ever in my life. My chest arms and shoulders felt like they were going to explode. I think the high sugar in the port mixed with the ALA caused an insane insulin response. I guess its not a good idea to suggest taking something like ALA that hasent been proven safe yet, but if your a risk taker like I am, I would definetely give it a shot! P.S. If you can afford a better port I would go with that.

Horace, I wonder if this technique would be good to do before stepping out on stage for a contest? I remember a question posted here asking what bodybuilders did to get all “veiny” - and Joel Marion had an interesting answer. I’ve sipped vodka backstage, and have munched on a couple of chocolates filled with liquo and that’s worked for me. This is interesting.

I’ve been taking 1 MD6 before training and 1 after training (along with Surge) and I get totally “veiny” for about an hour or two afterwards…cool stuff.

Come on Patricia, can’t you at least keep Joel and I separate? I’m just kidding, but I was the one who talked about alcohol as a vasodilator. Alcohol is a potent vasodilator and some of the components of red wine even enhance this beyond what alcohol alone does. My suggestion would be to play around with this technique sparingly as you don’t want to drink much alcohol, especially if going for the ripped vascular look. One - two glasses should be enough to bring about the change.

try some L-Arginine with that, its an NO precursor

he he he. SORRY, Jason! I seriously, seriously thought it was Joel. And it was a question posted by ZiGGy. But, if it wasn’t Joel and you - I’m SORRY!!!

Don’t let J talk to ya like that; it was me…seeeeee, you are smart! :slight_smile:

Yeah, Joel and I talked today and figured out that we have both covered this topic in past posts. So I forgive you Patricia :slight_smile:

I remember reading about this in MM a couple years ago. Appartently, BP and his brother Shawn tried this at 3 a.m…

I’ve covered it before, too (in a response to fitone a couple months back about why alcohol works prior to contests). Is it just me, or is everyone trying to take credit for reinventing the wheel? Then again, it sounds even more like Joe Weider taking “Not being a complete moron in the gym” and turning it into the “Weider Instinctive Training Principle.” Nice job, everyone; I think we’ve beaten this dead horse enough:)

Whew…thought I was going nutso there. T’anks, J (oel) and J (ason) for clearing this up. :slight_smile: Patricia

I don’t think anyone was trying to “take credit” for anything…

It was my explanation. All mine! I want the credit. MINE! MINE! MINE! - Just playing with you buddy. Yeah this is kind of a silly thing to argue over. Personally, I just felt like giving Patricia a hard time :slight_smile: rather than taking credit for anything.

Yeah, yeah - Jason. Go ahead, I can take it… smirk