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Porsche 911


Two men,
we'll call them
Driver A
Driver B

Each was given a brand new Porsche 911
Naturally both guys couldn't have been happier. They each drove their new toys hard. Who wants to drive a porsche at 65 mph? They both went to the Porsche GNC store and bought all the latest 911 recommmended supplements, fuel cleaner, fuel injector cleaner etc.

The only difference between the two was when it came to getting the oil changed. The owners manual for a 3.6 L 911 turbo calls for 14 quarts of oil. They both changed their oil at the recommended mileage.

BUT, driver B was too busy with his career and family to add all 14 quarts of oil so he'd only add 10 and hurry back to his career.

Of course driver B's Porsche ran O.K. for a while, it wasn't like he was driving with NO oil. But around the 35-40K mile mark he started having alot of engine problems.

Whats the point here??????

For the last 9,900 years out of the last 10,000 years humans got up when the sun came up. And went to bed when the sun went down. Other than a few months in the summer, humans slept alot closer to 10-12hours a day than 6-8 hours. Only in the last 100 years has electricity been available for the masses.

The problem is that anyone reading this has a human owners mannual that has been gentically selected to work optimally on 10-12 hrs of sleep. When you don't your just like Driver B.

I work in the Oncology field (cancer). And let me tell you, business is booming. Since the goverment started keeping track of cancer deaths in the 30's the numbers have gone up every year. In January a big headline was that last year for the first time in record the rate went down. What they didn't tell you was that it went down less than 1% from 2003, but thats still way over the rate in the 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's (when Nixon declared war on Cancer) etc.

The other stat that wasn't mentioned was that the number of patients diagnoised with cancer has not gone down but continues to rise and they're paying through the nose to try and stay alive.

Does anyone really think its no coincidence that cancer (and heart disease) has sky-rocketed with the increase in urbanization brought on by cheap electricity???

Senseial wrote in another post:

Main thing is if you want to be strong as a horse you must train like one, eat like one, and be one.

He forgot one litle thing. You got to sleep like one too.

In another 7-10 generations our genes will adapt to less sleep and cancer will decrease, but anyone reading this has genes selected for the generations of the past.

Back in the 1800's the Blacksmith was know as a bad ass. Worked like a horse, ate like a horse, hell, worked on horses AND slept like a horse.

There were no 2nd and 3rd shift Blacksmiths. They went to sleep when it got dark. Period.

Does anyone actually think the folks on Okinawa live so long cause they eat coral? PLease. Its because until the last generation the island has been rural and mostly primitive. Meaning they went to sleep when the sun went down. Check their cancer rates in 20 years now that they are have the "gift" of extended daylight brought to them by cheap electricity.

If you want to really think about it your paying the electric company every month for you and your family's increased chance of getting cancer and heart disease.

The difference between you and driver B is that he can go out and get a new Porsche after 40K (40 years for you, cancer rates go through the roof after age 40), especially if he's investing in cancer and heart disease treatment companies, cause like i said, business is booming.



I dont mean this in a dick/obnoxious way, but what is the point of this thread?


I think that logic should be a required course in college. Your post illustrates the fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc. You have assumed that because one thing (higher cancer rates) follows another (lack of sleep) that the one thing was caused by the other, i.e., lack of sleep leads to or contributes to cancer. You use examples of what it was like in the past to support your conclusion. However, today's life expectancy is longer than it was in the past. People today are simply living long enough to develop cancer, which would explain the higher rates of cancer. The causes are numerous.



people also would generally wake up for a couple of hours and then go back to sleep


I would agree that more sleep is needed, if you dont wake up without an alarm you need more sleep. Simple.
You get more sleep and the quality of life is better.
Late night TV addiction is as bad as any other addiction.
just my opinion!


You are an idiot. You obviously have never been to / heard of places in the world where the sun doesn't set for half the year. Not to mention the fact man has had artificial lighting for tens of thousands of years.

You might be in oncology but you're obviously not an oncologist.

The methods we have for detecting cancer have skyrocketed in sophistication.

People are more aware of and get checked for cancer.

People die less from other diseases, including heart disease.

The list goes on and on as to why your post is utterly absurd.

Sorry for calling you an idiot in the first line but man, what the heck are you talking about? Implying that lack of sleep or electricity are to blame for increased cancer rates is just crazy talk.


sorry again, I don't mean you are an idiot, just didn't know how else to put it ... it is one helluva error of cause and effect to try and link any of that to cancer, and if you work in the field you should know a lot better, so I was flabbergasted


Good post. With the life expectancy ever increasing, it is only natural that more diseases would be diagnosed. Also, it is a little absurd to believe that humans fell asleep in the past as soon as the sun went down. This thread is useless.

How about, people 100 years ago didn't have Nike shoes yet people lost all of their teeth on average by the age of 40. Therefore, Nike helps you keep your teeth longer.


Why are people afraid to call someone an idiot? There are idiots in the world. It isn't wrong to point them out.


Just thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt?

Besides, I was angry the post wasn't about Porsche as promised.


exactly. idiots.


Duuuuude... you are SO right. How has the American Dental Association not come out with a report on this? Must be a Reebok conspiracy... bastards.


Me too.

Here's my 951 and 928.




So all that toothpaste and floss I've been using is useless???!!


Yes. Shoestrings, not floss. We call them SHOESTRINGS.


yeah that's EXACTLY what I thought this thread was going to be about when I clicked on it.

Rhino, cool cars man...I've had a few Porsches in my time. Loved them all. Well...Didn't care at all for the 914. They've been mostly 924's since you can get them cheap. :slightly_smiling: I would LOVE that 928s...Cool v8 sound.



The V8 sound of my 928 has some extra bite too. It has MSDS headers with no-CATS and a rear muffler bypass. When it hits 4000RPM@WOT, it sounds like a NASCAR going wide open down the front stretch. Your T-levels go up with every hard crack of the throttle.... :wink:


really? In that case: You're an idiot.

For people on this thread to be preaching about cancer to someone whose career is based on it is absolutely ridiculous.
Do you not think his knowledge of cancer goes slightly deeper than the evidence laid out in this post.

The point of the thread was just that, to make a point. Therefore allowing to take from it what we want and change what we do in our lives accordingly if you feel that way inclined. Had a tnation writer posted that there wouldn't be this negative feedback, i guarantee.