Pornhub Pulls Out Of Texas

I thought this was interesting. AG Ken Paxton is requiring age verification and Pornhub doesn’t want to comply.

I see both sides of the issue. Porn is for adults, and it has been that way since the Stone Age when kids would share torn out magazine pages to see a boob.

I also understand the argument against loss of privacy within the spectrum of free speech, and don’t see this argument in the same light as the inevitable shouting match around fringe pedophiles that nobody likes pushing sexual anarchy.

Thoughts on legality of access vs. restrictive “carding”?

Keep in mind this isn’t a matter of flashing your ID at a bouncer long enough for him to check your birthday and wave you in, your information is going in to a database.

I’m sure anyone with more computer knowledge than your typical politician can figure out how to bypass this.


Probably, plus there are a billion alternative porn websites.

But we are already deviating within the first reply.

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I think tech companies should make it fundamental to their organizational structure to control their products and how it is offered. If they prioritized that, government wouldn’t have to set the standards.

I also think Ken Paxton is weird because he wants to control every aspect of Texans sex life.


Children being exposed to pornography on the internet is a pretext for a digital ID. There is a push for this in many places.

The digital ID is a key element for the AI powered technocracy the elites have in plan for us (with social credit, 15 mins neighborhood, carbon quotas, facial reconnaissance, eat ze bugs, etc etc)

The simple solution is to make any online porn content not free anymore by law (whatever the price, could be 0.50$ per visit), therefore the children that shouldnt be exposed to it wont be able to access it easily without a credit card.

It has never been a goal to shield the children from pornography, as a matter of fact it is an agenda to sexualize and deconstruct normal sexuality starting with children


might be a good thing.

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