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Pork Rinds for Protein?


I love pork rinds, the harder and more shriveled up the better. For those not in the know it’s basically deepfried pig skin popcorn. A 2oz (56.7g) bag claims 36g of protein per bag. How is this possible? I don’t want to debate salt because a blind chimpanzee could spot that issue




Sounds tasty. Probably so dense because frying renders the fat down and makes it smaller.

Pros: Low Carb Protein (+Fat) Snack

Cons: Sodium, Fats, Incomplete Protein Source? (Source… badumtsss, required cos I have no idea what I’m on about)

Should’ve started a topic on out there protein sources.




The remaining 20 grams is fat which is OK-not too high, but pork fat is up to about 10% linoleic acid (American). That would be about 2 grams per bag-not horrible but in an ideal world you would keep linoleic around 6-8 grams per day. Still, they are a lot less fatty than say using bacon drippings or using high fat cuts or pork or pork sausage where the linoleic acid content will add up fast.



Wait, what’s wrong with salt?

Like Yogi said, pork rinds are pretty much just collagen which isn’t great for muscle building but can have other benefits, discussed here.