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Pork Chops for Bulking?


Are pork chops a decent meat for bulking. I'm getting rather sick of eating chicken breasts all the time and steak is expensive. Although pork chops aren't as lean they surely must be better than a processed food. Should I keep them to a minimum or go to town on them? I'm trying to bulk but don't want to put on to much fat so i'm trying to keep it clean. The porkchops I currently have are

220 Calories
14g Fat
23g Protein


i like pork a few times a week, switching up proteins as much as possible (by taste and budget) is almost always a good idea.


good lord. do some people really only eating chicken? that's borderline disgusting.

Of course pork is ok to eat. what planet is this?


Lol@Bonez. Must be Mars bro!

Anyway this kind of shit is silly. Certain cuts of pork are LEANER than chicken.

Yes, it's ok to eat pork as a protein source - and also lean cuts of beef, Bison, Ostrich and venison too!


sometimes, i even eat turkey when it's not thanksgiving!!! gasp



Don't tell me you've replaced rice with something too?!


Dude, eat the pork chops.

And since you're bulking, don't forget the applesauce.