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Porcdecaine- Westside Stuff

i’m not a native english speaker so excuse any mistake i’m going to make. And it will be a pretty long post…

Im 23, 5"10 i think (i’m a metric guy so all the measurments, weights, will be aproximate) and around 220.

I’ve been training for almost 4 years now, and the last 2 and half were powerlifting oriented.

My curent PR’s (done with shitty wraps and a belt) are:


My sticking point in the bench is at chest level, if i can get it of my chest i can lock it. My benching form sucks so i’ll record my workouts. From the previos recordings, i saw that i lose my tuck when i press, and the elbows move towards my head, in a way.

In the squat and deadlift i haven’t yet missed a weight. I probably didn’t have IPF depth, but i was close enough. In the dead things get tough like 2-3 inches from the floor, and i don’t have problems locking it.

In the long run i’m trainig for a meet in december, but i’ll think i’ll retest my max’s in 2-3 months.

I change the max exercise every after 3 weeks. I don’t have a set periodization for asistance exercises.

I train 1 on/1 off. The exercise selection is limited by the equipment
I come from a 3 weeks break, so i’m pretty weak


-Db bp- unfortunatly the biggest db’s in my gym are 95 lbs so i must work with that - i did 5x3 i’ll increase that
-dips 4x10 (BW only)
-triceps extension 4x10-12
-one lat movement(i’ll probably do chins or lat pull downs)
-low trap pull(don’t know if that’s the name; it’s a face pull with the cable coming from the low pulley) 3x15
-side raises 3x15


-GM- 5x5 probably
-RDL 4x8
-Db rows 4x10
-some ab stuff (side bends, pull down abs)


-speed bench
-military press 4x8
-tate press 4x10
-shrugs(i think i’ll do them with a slight bent back as it seems to hit the upper back more) 4x10
-external rotations 3x15-20

DE sq:

-box squats
-zercher squats 5x5
-poor man’s GHR 4x
-BB rows 4x10
-ab stuff
-gripp stuff

Today i did the ME BP. The program for the other days is just a sketch. I’ll have a second look on it.

My main question is how do you work the set/reps for the assistance exercises, and how do you chose the secondary exercise and at what intensity should you train it.

If you have any comment or question, it will be more than welcomed

Hey Buddy,

It looks like you have the right ideas and are being aware of your weak points. Follow this link:

Print it out and make it your manual to construct your workout. You are on the right track but there are great explanations of the assistance exercises and helps with a rep and set scheme. Give it a try - see what you think.

Also do a search on :
westside barbell hawkins

you should get some more articles to supplement your reading. But you have to almost become a student. Arm yourself with knowledge. I have definitely seen my weights increase by focusing on strict form and weak points. Let me know how your meet goes. Id like to hear more on your progress. Good Luck

Get Strong,


Ok. Long time no see. Thanks Galjour for the article. It was very helpful.

I finally started training after i gave all my exams,and i was finally able to train in my home gym (for the summer).

So my training for the next 3 weeks will be :

ME Squat:

-Safety Squat bar box squat- 3RM
-GHR -4x max
-Reverse hypers- 4x15
-neutral grip chin ups
-pull down abs


-Fat bar bp -3RM
-dips 5x10
-triceps push downs (fat bar)
-upper back(face pulls ?)


-Speed squat : 9x2
-GHR -4 x max
-Reverese hypers - 4x6
-lat pull downs -3x10
-fat bar side bends
-seated calf raises


-speed bench -10x3
-incline bp -5x5
-triceps extensions 4x8
-some shoulders
-upper back (low trap pull?)

I’ll add in the BP days some sledge work on the tire, and i hope to make a prowler-insipired thing soon and start using it for GPP.

I do ghr and reverse hypers every sq day because i’ve just been able to train on these and i love it.

I taped my DE SQ . I have to buy a new pair of chuks because my current shoes suck and i’m unable to push my knees out as much as i would need. You’ll see that.

Your home gym looks awesome!!! Definitely HARDCORE! Have you ever thought of getting resistance bands on your DE days? That helps on your drive out of the hole and get the bar off your chest. Videos look good, keep up the hard work.



I’ve planned on buying some bands for a long time now, but, for the moment, the cost to getting a set of bands to romania is prohibitive, almoust double the price of the set.

As soon as i have the money, i’ll buy a set of bands. But i think that a pair of good knee wraps and a good belt and maybe some entry level gear might be the first things i buy.

Anyway, i’m poor now, so i’ll have enough time to think about this. :slight_smile:

Today, was the ME Squat. I got 11 lbs PR in the box squat with the safety squat bar, no belt, no wraps, to 352 lbs for 3 reps.(or maybe a little more. i don’t know the weight of the bar).

GHRs are moving up.

11 lbs PR fat bar bench press

ME Squat day with safety squat bar : 165 kg (364 lbs) x3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSm4J3Nrxmo

Dead squats(concentric squats) are now my main ME exercise. I did 190 kg (418-420) -no belt, no wraps. My squat max wraped and belted is 420 (i know i’m abbove parralel in this video) so i’m pretty happy about it.

Training is going fine, i hit 210 kg (460lbs) in concentric squats(high)

and 90 kg x3(198) seated military press.

In the last Dynamic bench day i did an easy 286 lbs after the speed bench

I’ll have a kinda deload week this week and train hard for another 3 weeks and then i’ll retest my maxs.