Popularity of Supplements

Does anyone have a link or cite to a research article which lists the popularity of certain supplements? For example, X number of gym goers used a multivitamin, X number of gym goes use a protein powder.

I have been looking on Ebscohost and SportsDiscus for a couple hours and have been unable to find anything.


Well, although I don’t know of such a site, I’ll say something else. Look at the majority of the people in gyms, look at the majority of people on the street. Do you really want to know what these people think are the best supplements?

You want find out what the best stuff is? Tell the forum members here about your goals and the convo will get rolling.

Nutritional supplement use among college athletes and their sources of information.

Froiland K, Koszewski W, Hingst J, Kopecky L.

Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2004 Feb;14(1):104-20.

I love the term “store nutritionist”


Thanks David, looks to be a good study, will read it all later.

w2097, I am not looking for this information to base my own supplement intake on. It is to be cited in a research paper, and although personal communication can be used, a peer reviewed article is much preferred.

Oops, sorry there.