Popping Hammies?

Here is the deal. I have this weird off and on problem with my hamstrings popping – like a knuckle cracking. The sensation happens sometimes when I straighten my leg. It feels like something catches right in the (poplateal) area behind the knee. Moving the leg in a few slow light kicking motions releases this and all is fine. It happens with both legs.

I don’t get this when I am lifting. After I warm up, everything works just fine – I can jump around, lift you name it. But a few hours later or the next morning it can start happening. It might be related to load, since I tend to notice it a bit more after lifting heavier. If I don’t lift for several days, it seems to go away.

I really want to take care of this or at least understand it. Yesterday it happened just as I had the leg fully loaded with my weight and I was darn sure I’d ripped a hammie. I was lucky and it subsided, though the hamstring tingled for a good hour afterwards.

Any thoughts? Anyone ever have this? Is it hamstring related (note that the belly of the hamstring itself never seems affected, the whole sensation is right behind the knee where (I think) it attaches,

Thanks in Advance!

– jj

I get this with my adductors. I can pop them before/after training, but never during. Mine is caused my the tendon being damagae. Maybe you have something similar (or at least developing).

I would get over to an ART guy asap. If you need one (I see you’re in Illinois), I would recommend the Poliquin Performance Center in Northfield.