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POPPING! Best Dance Style Ever


There's alot more in youtube!!



Yeah, there's always that one idiot in the dance floor.


when they incorporate some tutting, liquid or glowsticking its a lot better.


I've never heard of glowsticking before...


can you pop, drop and lock it??

nice popping vids

I thought glowsticks were used for raving??


yea, but theres alot of people that pop and tut there as well. nobody really gets into glowsticking unless they've watched somebody do it under the influence of X or acid..


Glow sticks are most likely indicative of people rolling on X. You will also see alot of these people with tons of water bottles and chewing gum around. You can easily chew the enamel off your teeth from grinding them to death, and sweat yourself into oblivion from the increased thermic effect from X. Raves are known for women taking it off from overheating. Good thing that they do, because its important they stay cool. All in the name of good health man.


yea like halloween, alot of girls will jump at the chance to show off their goods... so raves have plenty of girls in just bikinis and big furry boots. lol.




worth every minute.



you watch glowsticking video yet?


I had no idea what glowsticking was until I youtubed it. I actually saw a guy doing that on campus one day, looked really cool.


Yeah, it look pretty cool. Thanks for the suggestion!