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Popped Blood Vessel?

I apologize if this was posted on the wrong form, but I didn’t know where else to post it. Anyway, last night I did a normal lifting session as always after work. During the workout I didn’t feel any pain and I actually got a PR on my deadlift. Problem being, about twenty minutes after I finished I got in my car to leave and as I leaned back against my seat I noticed a pain in my right tricep. I felt it and it felt bruised and there was a lump there. I showed up at my friend’s house and asked him to look at it and he said it looked “fucking nasty”.

I checked the mirror in his bathroom and sure enough it was a dark ass black/blue. I can do motions with no pain, but when I touch it it feels extremely bruised. Is this just a popped blood vessel? If so, (or if not) can I still train after letting it rest for a day? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

Never sceen that. I’ve given myself racoon eyes after a heavy bench max!

Is it on a vein?

Anyway, it sounds like a thrombosed vein to me.

I have no clue, it doesn’t hurt if I do movements with it, but when i touch it it feels bruised as hell which it is. It was pretty swelled yesterday but today the swelling is down, though the mark is more prominent.

Okay- Since no one more learned than me on the subject has given you advice, I will try; I had a very similar “mark” that was mild thrombosis of the vein (basically, it was a clot from too much blood being pumped in the area in layman’s terms)

Ideally, you should find ways to improve the blood flow for it to heal. Mild thrombosed veins are not dangerous, but unless you see a doctor, you cannot be certain.

Take ibuprofen, or something similar to restrict the inflammation, and high doses of vitamin E which is said to thin the blood, and improve circulation.

Also, use hot/cold cycles such as contrast showers, sauna or just ice/hot water on the spot.

This should help you recuperate, and the mark will turn from black to purple-ish and fade within a week or two. If not, then see your GP.