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Popped Blood Vessel?


I just noticed yesterday that I've got a red mark on my eye.

I had a PL meet sunday, and generally after every ME lift I do, I feel my vision go slightly blurry for a few seconds. I've always chalked this up to just a raise in blood pressure during the lift.

Anyway, it's just that one spot in my eye that's red. It doesn't look like pink eye.

Could I have possibly popped a blood vessel in my eye? Is it something I should be worried about?

Yeah, I know. Go see a doctor. I'm just curious if this has happened to anyone on here, and has cleared up on its own.




Should go away in a week or two :slightly_smiling:


Thanks, Lily.

Nice new avatar!


You're welcome, and thank you :slight_smile:


Just to echo what CL said, its happened to several peers and training partners, looks nasty but is nothing to worry about.

It will dissipate in about a week.


If you can see alright, then it's nothing to worry about. it happens to me a fair bit, not as much as the nosebleeds though...


You need to manscape your eyebrows.




I've gotten red spots on my forehead after ME. I'm sure you're fine, you pussy.

How'd you do in your meet?


A buddy of mine went blind from masturbating too much in early adulthood. It started out just like yours.



Correlation between fingernails and eyebrows?

My theory is that you can see both of them, and should have your answer in a few seconds.