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Popeye's Chicken Emergency


We have a serious situation on our hands...


I've been by KFC and they run out of chicken.

And another thing: White people eat chicken too. Where are they in the video?


Shocked @ "you mean to tell me we can't feed our kids?"


It's the 90's all over again.


LOL funny as hell. I love popeyes mm their mashed potatoes are gooood.


I'm all about the dirty rice with some hot sauce mixed in. Throw in a biscuit and a couple hot legs, and I'm in heaven...


Popeyes makes me wanna leave the one I'm with, and start a new relationship with food, this is what it do.


I thought that was hilarious. By the responses from the people interviewed you'd think that the whole city had run out of chicken.

As if Popeye's is the only place to get chicken. You could probably get it cheaper in Walmart and cook it yourself.


Red head news babe is cute. I want to cluck her brains out..........


Me too, considering what she was driving.

And BTW, no one goes to the Popeye's near me because their service sucks ass.


You obviously have not had Popeye's chicken.


why are they all black?


Cause man everyone knows black people love their fried chicken like Mexicans love their tacos (not that taco bell shit):smiley:


Priorities, sir.

1st Priority: Bangin Whip( "Nice Car")
2nd Priority: Feeding Children

And to keep it balanced, I'll take a shot at white folks.

You can't dance. None of you! The hokey pokey doesn't count, neither does square dancing.


I'm a lurker and I read posts for the entertainment value. Usually nothing would make me want to post but this is just...


That's what Gregory Hines thought.

He was wrong, too.


Apparently she has never heard of a grocery store, or hell even a wal-mart.

Not to mention the MYRIAD of other fast food restaurants that pack the streets these days.

True story there is always ONE white person in the background somewhere in KFC and Popeye's commercials.

Its like freaking wheres waldo/whitey


I bet 11 rubles that you couldn't do 11 pirouettes


Popeye's is better than KFC, their spicy chicken is the shit.


This man speaks the truth. Their spicy strip meal is the bee's knees.