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Popcorn Has More Polyphenols Than Fruit or Vegetables

read this article and post whet you think i guess…im really doubting this…

I’m curious how much of them actually get absorbed though.

Either way, probably would be better than people eating cereals and bread, but on the other hand, most people eat them as a snack, just to eat something. Never made sense to me to eat food just so you can have something to nibble on.

lol at the authors of those studies

saying it has a high amount of polyphenols, then saying “oh if you cover it in oil or salt or coat it in sugar it loses its health benefits”

who is going to eat plain popcorn with nothing on it again? no one? tastes like shit and it fucks up your teeth (i’ve chipped teeth eating that shit before)

popcorn is shit

if you want to get polyphenols then snack on food that naturally doesn’t taste like shit (such as berries, etc.)

[quote]qeynos wrote:

popcorn is shit

I clicked on this to specifically mention how fucking much I love popcorn.

I used to go to a place called Kernels and every week get a large bag of their plain salted.

I go see movies that my girlfriend wants to see happy knowing that I’ll have popcorn.