I have been getting pop-ups lately when I am reading on the T-mag site. Has anyone else been having this problem? The pop-ups always have something to do with what I was searching for and typically “pop-up” with the new page. The pop-ups are usually ads for weight loss, baldness, or legal steroids. What can I do to stop these pesky little buggers?


You most likely have installed a program recently that required that you install an Ad program. You need to figure out which program it is and remove it. You can download a program called Adaware from www.downloads.com (just do a search) that will scan you computer for such programs (and cookies)(ads, website tracking, etc) and get rid of them upon your approval. Beware that removing this ad software will cause the program you really wanted to not function, most likely. I would list a some popular applications here that have these ad programs in them, but I’m not sure the Mod would allow that. If you’d like you can IM me at DerekLUAXP and I’ll see if I can help you out.

No because I get them too, and I know for a fact I haven’t installed anything. It only happens when I come here.

That’s odd because t-mag is the one place I never get pop-ups. I hate them damn things. Go to downloads.com and pick up a pop-up blocker program. Ciao. :slight_smile:


I haven’t been getting them. Knock on wood.

I’m getting these too and I know the pop-ups aren’t ours, meaning T-mag’s or Biotest’s. I started getting them when I switched from Netscape to Explorer. Happens with every site. Fitness sites pop up sleazy diet pill ads. Travel sites pop up discount airfare sites etc. I’ve asked our computer department about this and will post info when they get back to me.

Okay, I doublechecked and no, these pop-ups aren’t coming from T-mag. I’m going to check into some of the software others have recommended to zap these things. Meaya looks pretty good.

Getting a popup stopper will not help you out here. These are not the traditional “pop-up” windows we are all used to. T-mag does not have pop-ups. This IS something installed your computer that is causing these ads to be displayed. Let me explain.

This ad software is sitting on your computer "watching" what you do. Someone at the company that has developed this software has discovered t-mag and added it's address to their database. When the software recognizes a website (usually prodiving a product/service) the ad software pop-ups an ad that is usually related to the website you are at (right?), but is actually a competitor. The competitor pays the ad software company to do this. Let me give you some examples from when i had this running on my computer. When i went to eBay, an ad for Ubid came up. When i went to UPS, an ad for FedEx came up. Don't tell me there isn't anything installed on your computer, because there is. I know what i'm talking about. If you had what i had, there will be "GStartUp" in your Start Up folder.

Pop-up Killer used to be a great free one. But their new version uses some BlackList system that completely sucks rocks.

Mozilla is configurable so that you can deny pop-up windows that weren’t requested. But you have to be willing to try something new and different.

Also, check what software other than your browser that you have installed on your system. It could possibly be from one of the spyware file sharing programs (Kazaa, Morpheus, and the like) that are monitoring everything you’re typing and clicking on your computer. Or even GAIN/Gator. If you’re running Win2K or NT (maybe even XP) do Ctrl-Alt-Del and bring up the “Task List”, then look at the “processes” tab. Running a process called “GMT.exe”? Nope, that’s not Greenwich Mean Time keeping your clock in sync. That’s GAIN/Gator monitoring crap. Kill that process and figure out how to disable it. I usually just find the gmt.exe file and delete it. It’s usually in a folder with “gator” in the title.

Sorry for the length. If those don’t help, well, good luck.

Thanks SpankyLovesalot. It was the gator thing. Looks like they sneeked it in when I downloaded iMesh.

I use kazaa but the pop-ups come even when kazaa is not running. Unless I got some adware when I installed kazaa. Those bastards

How to Stop Many Banners and Pop-ups from Loading

Every website has an IP address with a format of ###.###.###.### So when we all go to “www.t-mag.com” on Friday evenings that address is more or less just an alias for the site’s server’s IP address. There are ways to obstruct your computer from finding a site’s IP address.

Why would we want to do this?

Many pop-ups and banners come from ad servers. If you can fool your computer to look in the wrong place for an ad or banner, it will not load. It’s a lot easier than you think.

The IP address is the universal IP for a loopback to your own computer. So, if you could get your computer to think that IT is the ad server, the ad obviously isn’t going to load.

There is a file that contains a list of hosts (computers) that your computer frequents. Cleverly enough, (GO MICROSOFT) the file is called “hosts”. Simply do a search for this file and open it. In this file IP addresses can be “hard-coded” to website addresses. See where I’m going yet? You could hard-code adserver site addresses to So put something like this in the “hosts” file, “ www.microsoft.com”, save the file, and then try to open www.microsoft.com.

Here is a list of adservers that i have managed to compile www.lehigh.edu/~dgh4/adservers.txt Simply copy and paste it into your "hosts" file and save. If there's a website that you frequent and there's an annoying pop-up or banner and you know HTML, look at the source for the page and see if you can find the site serving the ad and add it to your list.

I hope this helps and thanks t-mag for not making us deal with this kind of crap here.

Tate - If you downloaded Kazaa, you’ve got the “spyware” on your system. Deinstall Kazaa and as D Rock said, go to http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ and download the AdAware program. Run it to make sure your system is clean, then go to a search engine and look up “Kazaa Lite”. It’s the same program without the spyware.

Chris - Get the AdAware program and run it through your system. Did you download anything else which has something that could be tracking you? iMesh’s site says they run ads, but it’s not spyware and it doesn’t list Gator as the ad program they use.

Use that Kazaa you got to search for Kazaa Lite. It’s the exact same program except that someone has cracked the Kazaa code and placed a dummy file that fools the program into thinking that Spyware is working while actually it just sits there blankly. Keeps you from having to worry about someone get info about all the sites you’ve been to on the internet. I think Version 1.7.2 is already out. The “Lite” versions come out like a day or two later than the regular versions.

I just started to get them at home - weight loss adds. I do not get them at work.

Download Ad Aware off of www.adaware.com. This should get rid of all that shit for you.

Go download Pow and adaware from download.com or techtv.com. You have spyware loaded on your computer. No you do not get a warning that says would you like us to fuck you without lube. They just do it. Get those two products and load them up you will be surprised at what you find. Also stay off the porn sites many of these come from porn sites etc. Good luck.

man i get pop ups too all the time. every time i see a fine ass girl in a tight skirt.

I have used a really good pop up killer, it will even kill the gator ads, after you activate the program, it kills all IE/Netscape/Mozilla etc windows opened by anything, but can be deactivated with a right click, and reactivated with a second click. It’s also got a small foot print, only like 64k for the whole package for download, and uses almost no RAM. It’s at