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Pop Tarts and Frosted Flakes


I have read where some people eat pop tarts and Low-Carb Grow! for post workout nutrition. Also, where some eat frosted flakes and Low Carb Grow!. My question is, is this sub-optimal? If so, how sub-optimal is it?

I can see the logic that they are low fat and high GI...

Obviously, I am looking to branch out from rice and meat from time to time.


Take a look at the post-workout nutrition threads.

If you aren't taking Surge you probably aren't getting optimal post-workout nutrition.

However, a high carb/low fat meal with protein would still be good for replenishing glycogen and stimulating growth. Just put the work into figuring how much of each nutrient you should be consuming and put the portion sizes together appropriately.

Heh, for those of us that work for a living, just buy Surge!


I do use Surge... have for a looong time. I was asking about the first real meal about an hour after the workout.


Well it depends on your goals. Personally I dont touch the pop tarts or sugar coated cereals. I do often have a bowl of Puffed gain cereal Puffed, wheat, rice, or Kamut) and maybe cherrio's, or chex, etc. with Low-Carb Grow! and a Banana. PWO after my Surge.

The whole grain cereal along side the more kiddie processed cereal, even though not the sugar laden ones, makes for a nice big serving and fills both glycogen and a craving for a bowl of cereal. Some of those simple cereals actually have a higher GI and II then even pure dextrose.

This during bulking times of course. It can be great due to it Not being filling for long periods allowing another meal shortly afetr containing more whole food type protien and veggies.

Hope that helps,


Elephant, sorry man, missed that point. What Phil said!


Phil--nice advice

But that said, why do you worry so much about the little shit? Are you serious , that you specifically and only eat rice and meat as your first meal after working out? Especially if you are in fact already supping with Surge!

Maybe in a serious mass phase or cutting phase would I even worry about this type of thing.

Post workout shake
move on--

Obviously you try to eat the best you can, as often as you can. So to even ask if pop-tarts and frosted flakes are acceptable substitutes for your given choice is a bit obtuse.
That said, if that's all you have or you want to do it once in a while, common sense would say it's ok.



Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how this is possible.
The GI of pure dextrose (glucose) is 100. It's what all other foods are compared to in the GI.

Can you explain this further?


The only times I do not suggest Pop Tarts when bulking are, before bed and for a nocturnal meal.

Damn, Pop Tarts are sounding pretty good right about now...


Oh man! Try brown-sugar poptarts with butter on them. Poke holes in the pop tart with a fork so the butter can soak in. That is fucking good. Maybe not the best post workout meal, but a great fat ass splurge snack on the weekends!!!!


True many of the GI and II scales use dextrose as the base and call it 100. but then there are foods that surpass that. even most white bread is in ther 103-105 range that is why many use white bread as a base.

Go check some of them wacky things.

In the end they are FAST carbs.

Hope that helps,



I want to know, are all cereals taboo? I mean, is there none we should really eat? I eat Kix, Cheerios, and Special K rather often. I eat oatmeal plenty too but sometimes it gets to me (texture like wallpaper paste). I like eggs, toast, etc but even that can get rather mundane.


Brown Sugar with butter are the best for sure!


I personally believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a whole grain cereal, as long as it's not ruined by insane amounts of sugar.

My recommendations are Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, and some sort of bran flakes, as long as the bran isn't too abrasive for your GI tract. Be careful with raisin bran, though; depending on the brand, it can contain high fructose corn syrup and other added sugar. Although the fiber slows the sugar absorption, I just feel that so much added sugar is really unnecessary. The raisins are enough.

I'm not a big fan of Special K because (1) it's mostly rice, (2) the germ is removed from the wheat so they can call it fat free, and (2) I feel like I am eating air. I was a big fan of Kix as a kid but don't eat it anymore. I'm not sure of its ingredients or nutrition facts.

Like I said, go for the whole grain, not corn- or rice-based stuff.


Honestly while they may say whole Grain they are largely just processed leeched junk food. With a very high insulin response.

I dont really touch the stuff away from PWO even my morning meals I rather stick to oats or sweet potatoe both giving a much more substained release of carbs and they actually have the nutrients in them they should.

They do however have there place IMO after a tough w/o.

For the lesser of the evils you might look at Fiber One or All Bran (extra fiber)



Even Shredded Wheat? If that's refined, then they did an awful job of it, because that taste and texture is more "natural" than any oat I've ever put in my mouth...



Well actually I dont have any of that info right in front of me but I do think that Shredded wheat is highly processed/ ( shredded and high in GI/II). I mean I have never seen whole real wheat that looks like that. It has been processed by various means and has surely been stripped of many of its nutrients through actual loss and that from the heat and chemical processes it undergoes to make it.

That being aid it still boils down goal, and damn we cant be perfect. I am not trying to twell anyonre to NEVER eat cereal. I simply prefer and think there are better choices away from PWO. Both in the way of whole sustained carbs and nutrients.

They are sure as hell a lot better than a doughnut or Bagel.


Bauer OK went and checked out Shredded wheat and DAMN it would make a GREAT PWO option. it GI and GL are higher than even white bread, also higher then many/most other cereals including coco pops, rice crispies, cherrieos, corn flakes,

Man they are right up there with the Fastest highest insulin creating foods.


Wow, I learned something new today. Thanks Phill, and damn you cereal makers, damn you! I'm sick of eating oatmeal every morning for the past 7 years...

While I'm on the topic of forcing you to look up nutritional data, how's cream of wheat?


LOL, No prob.

As for Cream of whet well not as bad but right up there with the worst of them, or bets depending on what you are looking for. Once again good PWO.

Here this may help. I just found it right quick in a littyle search Google turns up HUNDREDS of these types of things in seconds.

This one give high, low and med examples of different food groups, Just happened to start with breakfast cereals, our topic at hand.


Click On
Table of Low Glycaemic Index Foods.


Shame Sticks* Recipe:

1 stick of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 popsicle stick

Stick popsicle stick thru stick of butter, roll in sugar, consume in shame.

*Taken from "According to Jim"