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Pop Tart Thief

Since Pop Tarts are always a big hit in the T-Nation, I thought I would post this article.


Evidently, this guy really needed a Pop Tart fix. After trying the five-finger discount on a couple of boxes, he accosted the store clerk, ran out of the store where he was promptly hit by a truck. He leaped to his feet, apparently unscathed, and took off running only to be hit by a minivan. Once again, he leaped to his feet to run away, but by this time the cops had arrived and took him into custody.

I believe it is safe to assume these were the kitty-flavored Pop Tarts. What else could make a man go through this?

I guess we won’t be hearing from Dave Barr for a little while?

I can’t believe Dave Barr used that stupid “George King” alias again… I told him to choose something different…

That’s just bad luck…or near-sightedness.

It must’ve been Barr, otherwise he’d be all over this thread by now.

I have been advised by my attorney to refrain from commenting on the situation.

I have never eaten a poptart in my life. What am i missing out on?

He got hit by two vehicles and came out unscathed? Those must be some special Pop-Tarts!