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Pop My Collar...


Whats up guys

I just recently started mass building and one of my biggest problem areas is my upper chest, and traps. I guess that whole section around my neck..

I've been doing plenty of military press, incline DB presses, and shrugs, and cant seem to cover my damn collarbone with any decent amount of muscle

Tips for a pencilneck?


Without knowing anything else about what you are doing, I'd say eat more and do some heavy deadlifts. You probably just need to gain weight overall and increase all your lifts.




Queue Jackson 5 background music

E. A. T., it's as easy as 1 2 3, so simple as dough ray me



i appreciate the input graycane, and yeah maybe it will just take more time filling in then the rest, definitly hitting the squats, deads, and bp hard though


haha I'm eating pretty clean, and around 5000 cals a day, at 165lbs i'd think that oughtta be good?

Im definitly growing, just lagging in this area more than others


That sounds like a ridiculous amount of food, and probably a little more than you need. Try going for 3200-3500 or so.


your not eating 5000 a day, post your diet now.


okay, well i havent counted my calories for the day... but heres what i ate today if you really have a hard time buying it...

4 eggs
1 cup oatmeal
5 scoops Cytosport Monster food
(wanted to vomit after breakfast..)

Deli Sandwhich, dont really have specifics.... ham, turkey, chicken, pepper jack and american

3 cups Chicken fried rice

Whey Protein shake w/milk

Chipotle Chicken burrito

roughly 12 oz baked salmon/
cytosport monster food again before bed

You can do the math if you want, im figuring roughly 4-5k?


Yes because everyone just knows how many calories there are in a Cytosport Monster food...it better have a whole damn lot of calories to get THAT diet to 5000...

Anyway it doesn't really matter, do yourself a favor, just throw that crap in the garbage and start eating real food. LOTS of it.


You eat a Chipotle Chicken burrito every day? Do you work there?
12oz of baked salmon? Every day? Does your butler cook it for you?

If that's the case more power to you but damn.



And I thought this thread was going to be this crap.


You know you doing good coz they jealous... XD


I don't know why everybody thinks 5000 calories is unattainable. You have to eat allot but if you split it up right it should actually end up being fun and satisfying for you.




Like what everyone else said, keep eating and you will fill in.

But as for those problems areas, heavy - closer than shoulder grip smith machine shrugs, in front of your body, HEAVY! Dont bother with any variations, just stick with those..

I get very good separation in my upper pec/ between my traps and delts by doing smith machine presses on a degree more than incline bench, but less than military. Keeping the grip just outside of shoulder width. Stay in the 8 rep range.

Squeeze the shhhhit out of your traps n pecs at the top of each rep


I could eat 5000 calories by lunchtime if I really wanted to.

But then I'm a fucking pig.

OP, how much weight have you gained and in how much time? I'm guessing not enough to be worrying about this right now.


listen to the advice kid, eat clean, and eat alot. lift heavy, and shoot for gaining 25lbs then see what needs to be brought up.throw in some hang cleans and power cleans


You are not going to have traps at 165 lbs unless you are about 5 foot 2 inches tall. Get bigger.

It takes a long time to build a respectable upper chest and traps unless you are just genetically gifted. Show some patience.

High pulls are good for traps also.


Lighten up man. No need to be a dick. If you haven't, at some point, had to resort to liquids to get the calories down, then I'm going to question exactly how much mass you've added to your frame over the years. Your profile says you are 5'10" and 180...so it kind of sounds like you are parroting some author.

Waylander is one of the biggest motherfuckers here and he drinks like 75% of his food. Does this mean that whole foods aren't the BEST choice? Of course not, but 5000 calories of liquids AND whole foods is going to go a lot further towards building mass than 2000 calories of just whole foods.

Well..the chipotle burrito is ~1000 calories and the weight gainer is ~1000 calories per serving...so yeah...it's definitely feasible that he might be hitting 4000-5000 calories a day.

OP, stick with it. This shit takes time. Measure your progress in MONTHS and YEARS, not days and weeks. If you gain 15-20 lbs a year, you will be 75-100 lbs heavier in 5 years time. Stick with it and be consistent.