Pop in Shoulder/Pain

So some background, in 2009 I tore my pec benching and when the bar came down it separated my shoulder https://www.T-Nation.com/memberPosts.do?id=102625 . Thank god I was working out with a partner. I had surgery on my shoulder followed by my pec (they could only reattach 2/3 of the pec).

Fast forward to now. I’ve been shying away from really heavy bench since the surgery but two weeks ago I let my form slip pressing 185 on a flat bench and felt a pull and burn in what felt like my deltoid. I kept away from benching till today and during the same press I felt a pop in my shoulder and have a nagging pain when I do shoulder presses or bench presses.

I’m planning on seeing the doctor for it since it’s the same one I tore but in the meantime, any advice for pec exercises I can do that don’t put as much pressure on my shoulder would be helpful. Also, I’m icing it but is there more I can do to speed the healing? Any supplements to aid in joint health?