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Pop in Glute/Hamstring


Yesterday I was doing cambered bar box squats. One of the reps I came down to the box and when pressing off the box, I felt what felt like a pop in my glute and a pain down my hamstring. If im just laying down I dont notice any discomfort but if I try to do a straight leg deadlift I feel pain from my glute all the way down through my hamstring and to behind me knee. I also feel it if I sit down (mimicing a box squat, legs out, knees out) and shift my weight forward slightly (similar to what the cambered bar would do).

Any advice what this is?


Most likely a strained hamstring.

Rest, roll, maybe ice, light stretching after a few days. When you're ready to start pushing it, hold yourself back and take it slower than you would otherwise.


you broke a little piece of your tendon (the little thingy that attaches your muscle to the bone)

rest a few weeks or it'll tear apart completely and you will need surgery to reattach it to the bone.


anyway to tell if it's a tendon or just a strained hamstring?