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POP! Goes the Democrat!


PWI Family:

I thought that a fun game to play over the next year and half or so would be “POP! Goes the Democrat!” It goes something like this:

We list out of the 20-plus or so Democrats running for President the ones that are probably out even before they get started…and why.

(Now…out of this 20 or so now listed; I predict that only half (if that many) will even make it past the first primary because they will have neither the money nor the organization).

Okay! I’ll go first:

Kamala Harris


She just announced that in her first 100 days in office; via executive order; she will impose strict gun legislation and expand the definition of who and who cannot buy or sell guns.

POP! Goes the Democrat!

(She does realize that she is running for President of the United States, doesn’t she?)

Your turn!

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She’s Indian and was raised Hindu. She is one of those people that were out of the running before announcing.

Her gun stance is icing on an already baked cake


I have read your posts for a long time and consider you to be very politically savvy. I rarely comment on PWI, mostly due to my aversion to politics. I consider politicians to be a form of pond scum and professional liars. I spent a long time in Iraq protecting DoS officials and visiting members of the Congress and Senate. Enough said.

This is a serious question and I certainly don’t mean to derail your thread in any way, but, if you are going to play pop the Democrat, I would like your opinion on which Democrat actually expresses the core values of a Democratic party from the past. Reaching back into childhood, it seemed the Democratic Party was geared toward providing better “everything” for the lower and middle classes. Now, the majority (IMHO) appear to be preaching a form of Socialistic / Communist agenda. Again, I apologize if this is derailing, but, I would appreciate your thoughts.


It’s all good, @idaho! No derail considered with the question.

Here are my thoughts. Both the GOP and the DEMS are undergoing a “transition”. Whether that transition is “good” or “bad” depends on where you stand.

As it relates to your question…neither party at this point appear to be expressing the central or core principals of their respective past. Both appear to be on this slide toward responding to their extremes. How they both end up is anyone’s guess.

Your assessment of the DEMS (IMO) is not far off, and I essentially agree with you.

The GOP is slowly but surely morphing into a term I use called “Trumpublicans”…a mean spirited/fuck-you/as-long-as-I get-what-I want-fuck-you-again/lying-hypocritical-spending as much as the DEMS/holier-than-thou-because-I’m against Abortion/Gays-therefore Jesus Loves me more" Party…redefined; and forever changed; by Trump.

For many Americans…myself included…I find myself in a Political “no-man’s-land”…and it’s frustrating.

(Thanks for the question, @idaho…!)


By the way…

Thanks for the compliment, @idaho…but there are guys here who run circles around me in terms of their political knowledge…and I often bug the heck out or them for their opinions!


I think Joe Biden is toast.

They keep saying it will either be him or Bernie, but I just don’t see it.

Sorry Creepy Joe. There is just too much video of you being creepy AF.

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Did not stop trump. Just saying if biden is creepy AF, I don’t know where trump would fall on that scale? Off the scale?


The standards for Democrats are impossibly high right now. Nobody can meet them.

I’ve got to agree with alphagunner, V.P. Biden is toast. Some woman said he made her “confused.”

Sen. Sanders is out, he has too much money now.

Sen. Booker isn’t Pro-Gay enough.


You are correct that the Dem voters seem to have higher moral standards for their candidates than the Republican voters.


This is a discussion talking about Democrats that have screwed themselves before the Primaries.

What does this have to do with Trump?

Is there anyway for this not do devolve into trump bullshit, or is that too hard for people?


Yes! That’s exactly right. Democrats have attacked immoral President Trump.

Now, they have to continue to SEEM like they have ultra high standards. Any indiscretion is a disqualifiyer. No real person can meet these demands.

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It’s a mufasa thread. Whether or not it devolves to Trump isn’t the question. WHEN is the question


It was mentioned that biden was too creepy. I used some whataboutism with trump, then pointed out why my argument does not matter (because many in the republican base do not give a shit about morals, and the Dem voters seem to care a lot lately).




(That’s what it sounded like to me.)


I can’t believe that a party with few coherent policy positions, rapidly shifting values and fundamentally divisive rhetoric is having problems fielding a candidate who can pass all of the conflicting ideological purity tests and somehow not be repulsive to most people.

They could run a Coexist bumper sticker and someone will be upset that it wasn’t inclusive enough. Or the Apology Hunters will unearth an inexcusable opinion the bumper sticker posted online 10 years ago. Something truly reprehensible like supporting border security or jail time for people who commit crimes.

If they can’t get Oprah, The Rock or some other celebrity, I’m pretty sure whoever survives the primary will be a total train wreck. While that might sound like good news to a lot of Dems, I doubt that will be enough to pry many people from voting for the train wreck we have right now.


Not sure how you inferred that? I have mentioned in other posts that the wall is actually probably his best idea (although his best idea isn’t saying much), and I happen to be an educated white male.


@idaho asked me a question that had to do with the Core Beliefs of the Parties.

(That I answered above).

As long as it doesn’t devolve into an Abortion thread…we should be able to get back on track with discussing the Self-Destructing DEMS.

(Agree…I don’t see Biden having a lot of traction. I also think “Pocahontas” is probably just treading water at this point…)


Agree, agree, and agree.

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Did you?

It sounded like he was looking for a name.

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