Pop from AC Joint in Bottom Position of Military Press

Yesterday I was military pressing with a wider than shoulder width grip. Exercise was preformed with scapulae retracted and slow eccentric. I was doing light sets at only 95 lbs and as I went through the eccentric, I had a kind of awful “pop” as I got to the bottom position. It felt like a good thing initially, but the complex in my first rib, neck, and clavicle has been uncomfortable since.

I can reach over head with no issues, but leaving my arm hanging can irritate the soreness/discomfort. I’m inclined to thing it may have been a good thing or a correction, but can’t figure out what happened or how to remedy the pain.

Pretty sure the good pops and cracks are from mobilisation of the spine not so much the shoulders lel

Probably go see a physical therapist / physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis.

If you can be bothered a quick google/YouTube search can come up with common shoulder issues e.g. impingement related or acromioclavicular joint injury. Find those that present similarly to your symptoms. Lastly a quick search will come up with appropriate tests which are simple enough to do yourself

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