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Pop 'Em out Cows

Hey gang. JPC’s “Pop 'Em Out” article in this week’s edition of T-Mag intrigued me - especially the part about training the soleus to make the calves look bigger. I’ve always neglected training the soleus because I figured it was a waste of time, but I’m very eager to get my calves to grow. So my question is, has anybody had marked success in terms of improving the girth and/or appearance of their lower legs by training the soleus in a manner similar to that which JPC recommends?

ditto. i have also neglected by soleus for too long now. i realize this now because my calves look average from the back but tiny from the front. i made my biggest gains using Poliquin’s Luke Sauder routine, which primarily focuses on the gastroc. i attribute this to more volume rather than program design. i will now train my soleus more often and before the gastroc and i’m confident they will grow.

JPC definitely has a point. I have always trained the seated calf raise equally hard as standing or donkey machines, and my calves have become the envy of many. Granted, I have fairly low insertions and small ankles, but I’m sure the soleus training has been a big help.