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Poor People Eating Enough


i have been struggling before, trying to eat enough food, figuring out whats best for me etc.

if you are an ecto trying to gain weight heres some real tips.

-get a blender, use a blender, liquid cals are easier to eat.
-eat real food too, have maybe 4 meals @ 700~ calories
-keep a jar of pb at your desk, after each meal, eat a scoop
-keep a bunch of bananas at your desk, after each meal, eat one
-eat nuts, lots of them, you're ecto, fuck it
-lift HEAVY, and HARD, the harder you train, the hungrier you get.

this is my typical diet

1000 calorie shake (oats, frozen berries, dextrose, whey)
4 of these per day
700 calorie tupperware meal (chicken/ground beef, with wheat pasta or whole rice, maybe a calorie dense sauce)
3 - 4 per day

4- 6 scoops of pb - 500 cals
4 - 6 bananas - 400 cals
multi, creatine, zma, 12 - 15 caps each of flax & fish

this adds up to ~ 7700 calories.

eating big is all about technique


sometimes ill snack on carrots and broccolis too


Bananas make me full, but if you're getting down that many calories, more power to you.

To my financially strapped bretheren I'd recommend investing in a price club membership, the savings make it worth it, and buying up a month's worth of shit at once is great if you're lazy and have the fridge space.


I didn't see you mention anything about finances in your post, but if you're looking to get cheap food, rice is a good staple. A 50 pound bag of rice is $20 at the local Asian food store. PB is cheap too. Buy chicken when is goes on sale. That's college living at its finest.


I would also add on the cheap side that whole milk (if you can tolerate it), tuna and eggs get you the most bang for your buck.

Carrots and Frozen Broccoli are the cheapest, most reliable veggies.


Ok, lets say that you have a microwave, no freezer, and a fridge with about a foot and a half by foot and a half to your name, while having a large amount of closet space. Yet you only have 100 dollars a month. What would be the best things to buy?

Also blenders, george foreman grills, and so on are banned on campus.


Envision, I feel ya. Fortunately campus cafeterias are all you can eat (at least the ones I've been to). If you eat at the cafeteria, assuming you do since you're in the dorms, make sandwiches and bring plastic baggies and fill them up with stuff like tuna and veggies, fruits, etc. Throw it in your bag and you've got a couple days worth of food, at least for in between meals.


envision prolly a bag of whey and dextrose? no clue here.

yeah i was comfused at the title i put too, i wasn't thinking. i think i meant "for people trying to eat enough"


I'm out of money on my food card and it isn't all you can eat until next year. I bought a bunch of cheap food like ramen and tortilla wraps and a 5 pound log of ground beef, but i dont know what other great food i can get.