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Poor Mind Muscle Connection in Biceps, Tingling In Hands

I’ve always struggled with bicep development, genetically they are thin and have very odd insertions. I usually find it difficult to get a good contraction doing curls, and when doing high rep curls I get an uncomfortable tingling in my hands as if it’s some sort of nerve issue which makes it difficult to get any benefit out of the curls. Any advice on this at all?

You do chin ups?

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What.sort of curls are you doing?

Yes, and it always feels my biceps are the limiting factor in them, I always tend to feel my back more

I get the most tingling from regular db curls, barbell is slightly better for me

I don’t know about the tingling, but for awhile I wasn’t getting much out of curls. It felt like my shoulders or forearms were doing all the work.

I started messing around with Incline Curls(dumbbell curls, sitting back on an incline bench). Sitting that way, with my chest puffed out and elbows behind my body really helped me get tension directly on my biceps.

Sitting on the incline kinda automatically “opened up” or externally rotated my shoulders, putting my hands a little outside my elbows, making the motion smoother. Sometimes tingly is like a nerve getting pinched up by muscles/joints. Being more “open” might help.

Maybe you could try a different angle or a wider grip for your curls.

Your biceps are getting lots of work anyway. So if you can hit chin ups without any issues it’d be a good way to keep training biceps. Strap a couple of plates to you and bang out a few pull ups and everything will grow